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            The absence of others could create a deceptive and malicious state of mind. Monsters are brought up from society but what makes them so lethal and a threat to society? What makes them so egregious and develop notorious habits that could infringe others? There is a term known as “serial,” which is described in two forms that monsters execute efficiently. One is consisting of, forming of, or taking place in a series. Monsters have a thrill of repeating negative activity that brings harm to society so much that it becomes a series of events of killing, raping, etc. In the second form, it is described as a criminal, committing the same offense and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern. This transpires when a Monster repeats negative activity so much that if others were to beguile the behavior, it would be known as not only an issue but a pattern of destruction that requires authoritative figures to intercept the madness. One well-known serial killer familiar to most Americans is the monster known as Jeffrey Dahmer. He is known for eating and having sex with the victims he murdered. He was like the purge to society except it was just him, and he performed his malicious activity discretely. Many questions pop into mind when considering this topic as to what compelled him to commit vindictive activity to the innocent and display no remorse.

            Many believed he was socially impaired and had a mysterious mind state that could become problematic to society. His spree of killing did not transpire as a little boy. However, as a child, he developed a thrill of not only having sexual intercourse with the dead but eating them repeatedly.  The first sign that begins the creation of the monster was his obsession with animal bones. The journal written by Willem H.J. Martens mentions, “Dahmer’s father noticed four-year-old Jeffrey’s fascination with animal bones collected from a crawl space underneath their house (Silva, Ferrari, & Leong, 2002). As a child, Dahmer collected dead animals from the roadside, curing their pelts with a chemistry set or burying them in a backyard cemetery where he would ultimately return to bury the remains of his first murder victim (Schwartz, 1992). As a child, his fascination with the dead was on the rise. He desired the dominance that he had over them. When someone or something is alive, you cannot control them ultimately, but when they were dead he was thrilled that he could. Most serial killers are cold-blooded killers that desire the fear in others, however, Dahmer ultimately lusted for the dead itself. He prevailed in his fantasy and continued his malicious and inhumane activities. His interest in bones as a child were the first insight to his abnormal behavior. Most children around his age were into toys and playing outside, however, Dahmer had a mysterious way about him that just didn’t fit into society.

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            In addition, many wonder how someone who could look so innocent become a monstrous demon towards society. Dahmer’s appearance and how he spoke wasn’t aggressive or fearful, it was his inhumane activities that made him a monstrous freak. He exemplified no remorse towards victims and that explains why many families wanted vengeance for killing and eating their relative. However, what is the next event in his life, that made him transition into a further stage of his demonic dues? By age 10, he acquired a well-developed interest in internal and external animal bones so much that he began to scrutinize them passionately. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, doctors suggest that, “Clearly by the time that he was in high school, he had well-developed interests in collecting animal bones and chemical processing of dead animals (17). JD had, in fact, been influenced by his father in that the latter had introduced him to chemistry, including the knowledge regarding the nature of corrosive acids. But it was up to JD to consistently apply his newfound knowledge in the service of dissolving animal flesh and preparing skeletons cleansed of all flesh (25). His father’s work of dead animals and corrosive acid is what caused him to create a vindictive motive to experience on the dead. His plan was to kill and pour acid into a dead body’s brain to create a zombie. His father was influencing him without awareness of what monster his offspring was going to become in the future. In the end, we understand that Jeffrey’s discernment was up to him, but it was his exposure to the dead from his father that made things appealing to him. Creating zombies were his motive. This explains why he held so many victims’ hostage to bring an ordeal to their innocent lives. These victims cried in agony and shouted for help for the sake of their lives but Dahmer was a demon living on earth, who lusted for their bodies so much, he’d keep them for months in after being dead. Furthermore, Dahmer’s interest in the acid is what created the motivation because he wanted to know how the acid would function for a dead brain. It was intriguing to him and thought nothing else of it.

            Furthermore, serial killers express a variety of ways to infringe society, however, Dahmer’s way of executing victims were to not only keep dead bodies for sexual intercourse, but to exemplify cannibalism in his devious and inhumane behavior. After graduating from high school, he executed his first victim in Milwaukee. After strangling the victim to death and drugging him, he wanted to do some experience with the corpse. However, he did not desire the fear in others. He just wanted the dead to be a part of him. In a way it’s contradictive but the doctor explains, “according to defense expert Carl M. Wahlstrom, M.D., Dahmer had to drink in order to murder his victims, since he did not enjoy killing (Schwartz, 1992), although as a necrophile he enjoyed dismembering the corpses and creating photographs of meticulously arranged body parts.” In college, drinking and smoking is the typical behavior from a young adult. For Dahmer, drinking gave him an excuse to why he cannibalized bodies. His motive wasn’t to bring apprehension to innocent lives, so he would drink alcohol so much that he’d feel better about murdering his victims, rather than doing it while he was sober. The exposure to college life has also spiraled into a new transition for Dahmer. He’d feel no guilt in his spree of killing. He desired dismembering corpses and have body parts and flesh in the refrigerator to “eat later,” for when he got hungry.

            Lastly, someone like Jeffrey Dahmer would be a difficult case onto why he would commit such egregious activities. Sure, there are causes that I explained but he had a screw loose. He was a sociopath and completely insane. It’s one thing to kill or rape someone, but it’s another to not only try to create zombies and have sexual intercourse with the dead but, cannibalizing their bodies with no remorse. This guy was completely gruesome and inhumane with his malicious activities. Someone like Dahmer, you can’t fully understand him because his experience on humans was pure evil, that it’s completely out of bounds and out of range to understand for normal society. His father and Dahmer go onto explain the Asperger’s disorder behavior by mentioning, “according to his father, as a young child Dahmer did not hold eye contact, showed wooden facial expressions, held his body stiffly, had trouble interacting with other children, and was emotionally distant (Silva et al., 2002). In Dahmer’s own words, the subtleties of social life were beyond my grasp. When children liked me, I did not know why. Nor could I formulate a plan for winning their affection. I simply didn’t know how things worked with other people…. And try as I might, NSPB: 2007 – Vol. 5, No. 1.” There were clues as a child that something was different or that wasn’t right with Dahmer himself. His father would notice the little things that made him different from society. Dahmer himself goes to explain that he didn’t fully grasp to why he was socially awkward or wasn’t amused by social interaction. Dahmer spoke as if, there was dark spirit that despised human interaction because he didn’t understand why he was like the way he was. Explaining how he didn’t understand how human interaction worked, should set alarms off that, there were many disorders that this monster acquired. Ultimately, you could not grasp a destructive and vindictive lifestyle that Dahmer lived in because, if he didn’t fully understand, who will?


















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