All around us we see and hear about monsters. Well these monster cause fear and they terrorize us at night when we sleep. We always think to ourselves for some reason we are always looking for a reason behind what we believe is a monster. We start to wonder what made them turn bad and evil, or was it something from their past that made them change.
The first version of the bible was written in the year 1611. Within the bible there was the story of Satan. It is said that Satan was created by God hundreds of years ago. Satan was a perfect angel and he became Gods best friend. Back then Satan was called Lucifer and he lived in heaven with God and all the other angles. Lucifer was this dazzling beautiful looking angel. He was above covering all the other angles and he worked in the throne room with God. Lucifer spent most of his time with God the father and Jesus Christ. They would frequently share ideas and make plans. They were very close to each other and were in perfect harmony. Lucifer projected peace and glory with his power. As the years went by Lucifer started to get jealous of God because he had all the power. He started to feel betrayed by God and he wanted to make his own wisdom. Lucifer wanted to prove that we were better than God and that he should be able to take over. Lucifer became too proud and selfish. After a while some of the angles started to side with Lucifer instead of God and that wasn’t right in heaven. God made the effort to try and persuade Lucifer into changing things back to the way they were but Lucifer had already made up his mind he wanted to be the leader and he wanted to be praised, By this time Lucifer had too much pride and he didn’t want to admit he was wrong. He was no longer a faithful angel. It got to the point where God could no longer help influence Lucifer and he had to remove him for the position of leader of the angles and he threw him out of heaven along with the other angles that decided to follow him. Lucifer’s name changed after he was thrown out of heaven. Satan and his angels turned into demons since they no longer lived in a harmonized place. They live in the spirit world that we refer to as hell now. They tempt and influence people but most of the time they are invisible to us.
For Satan to become a monster he had to go through a series of mental changes because he was first created as something good and he was basically Gods right hand man. Satan was made into a monster he wasn’t born a monster. He started to create his own ideas which caused him to turn on his creator. He was selfish because he wanted to be the only one to get praised in heaven but that didn’t happen so he had to create his own place so he could become a God.
Satan became evil due not having enough space for there to be two rulers. When we hear the devils name we always associate him with evil spirits and evil thoughts. We sometimes refer to him as the beast. We have all heard of stories of Satan of how he punishes people who do badly and who aren’t allowed to be in heaven. Satan scares a lot of people because he is a demon who comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and he can also be bad thoughts that cause you to do horrifying things. Satan is said to be behind anything that is evil because he wants to overrule Gods power which is the opposite.
As the years have gone by he have seen so many movies with the devil as the main character and that is because even though he see him as a beast we are tempted to not always be good. We like to experiment with fear to see how far we can get until something happens. In movies we have seen it all, we have seen Satan being praised as a God who should be the leader and we have also seen him in movies and shows of serials killers and how he is the reason for them being bad. Satan is behind some of the cults that have existed and he is behind some of the world worst murders. And for some reason some people idolize Satan and don’t see anything wrong with demons and the under world of the spirits. According to Christianity Satan is the worst of all evil things because he is the father of all lies. In Catholicism he tempts humans into doing bad deeds. If something evil occurs, we can be sure that Satan had something to do with it. The Catholic Church believes that Satan only exist because God allows him too since he is his creator. That is where the controversy begins because how can God being so good let something so evil exist.
Overall we notice the same trend when it comes to the devil and his evil spirits. We always see the about the same reactions and the same scenarios in movies, books and TV shows because they all have the same theme and they all have the same background. For as long as time we have associated Satan as the leader of evil and we will continue to do so because he causes this thrilling fear and terror that we like to experience.

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