“Ogres are like onions they both have layers” shrek tell donkey as they walk through the woods. What exactly are ogres are they made up or are they real as an onion. Certainly they must smell like onions they way shrek looks in the DreamWorks picture movie ‘Sherk’ that came out in 2001. At the beginning of the movie shrek quickly right away explains to donkey that he is not the person he would want to be around because he is a ogre and ogres are scary looking, big and can eat anything that stands in their way. Throughout the movie you never see him eat anything except a few rate. What type of ogre is shrek and if he is an ogre.

The myth of ogres started way back in the 14th century originating from a French origin  that means Etruscan God named Orcus. This God fed on human flesh which meant that he ate humans the last time he was mentioned was in attestation in the 12 century which contained word explaining that he was going to come back to the land of ogres to kill them. This explains the monsters ways to why they eat humans but ogre also can go back into biblical word Og or a Greek river God named Oiagros meaning the last of the giants.

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This explains how Gilles Dr Raid was a inspiration to the meaning behind what a ogre is I am going to use it in my paper to describe what makes in ogre a child eating monster.

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