“Hit the gas!” This moment seemed to go in slow motion like a scene playing out in a movie. Let’s go back to before this moment. The day started out with my dad asking me for help. “Hey Jess I need you to come with me to Tommy’s house because he is moving and he needs a car with space so that we can move furniture with him.” “Okay dad but I’m not ready to get onto the freeway okay?” He listened to my concern but wrote it off by lying to me about not going onto the freeway.

            “Dad I’m not comfortable getting onto the freeway right now.” I was planning on waiting until I had more experience driving on the streets to drive on the freeway. I wanted to be sure that I was ready to move onto the next level of driving before I put myself into that situation. As we left the gas station I looked at my dad, “do you want me to make a u-turn at the light?” “No, I want you to take the freeway because it will take too long to get there by taking the streets.” I looked at my dad in disbelief. “But I told you I wasn’t ready.” He looked at me and told me that I need to learn sometime.

            As I got on the freeway I was so scared that I couldn’t keep pressure on the gas pedal from my leg shaking so much. “Keep a steady pressure on the gas and you need to go faster.” “I’m trying dad but my leg is shaking so much.” He told me to calm down and that I could do it. I tried calming my nerves down but I was so nervous that I couldn’t talk myself down. I didn’t know how to merge with traffic or what to do. keep a constant pressure on the gas pedal. I didn’t know how to drive on the freeway so when my dad told me to switch lanes, I came to a complete stop, on the freeway. After that it was like a slow motion movie when my dad screamed, “HIT THE GAS!” I hit the gas so hard that the car surged forward but we got to his friends house without any other problems. After that day it was so difficult for me to get onto the freeway. I was always so scared but just recently I have been able to start going on the freeway.


       Both of my parents driving styles are different. My mom is more laid back and doesn’t do anything if someone cuts her off and there’s never a rush to get anywhere because getting there late is better than not getting there at all. On the other hand, my dads driving style is if you cut him off he will try to ram his car up your butt and/or he will go and cut you off just to get back at you. I am like my mom. I don’t like rushing anywhere. My dad doesn’t like my driving because it’s not like his driving. It’s the same with my boyfriend. He doesn’t like my driving because he drives faster and doesn’t like driving next to people on the freeway. When he drives he looks at all the ways he can get out if something goes wrong.

             When I first got my license I got it with my dad there and I was driving the speed limit but the light turned yellow and my dad didn’t want to wait and so he told me to step on the gas and so when I was coming up to a light it turned yellow and that’s when I ran my first red light. I was so upset at him after that because I felt that his judgment call could have potentially gotten us both hurt. After that my mom told me that if I’m the one that’s driving then I’m the one that makes the calls and no one can tell me otherwise.

            My parents teaching methods are different as well. My dad just threw me into it so that I would learn faster. My mom is different. She wanted me to practice getting on and off the freeway by taking the on and off ramps on Milliken and haven because they just go in a circle. It would have been easier to teach me to drive on the freeway if we took our time like my mom wanted. Just throwing someone into something like driving on the freeway could be a deadly decision putting my passenger and me in harms way when that wasn’t necessary.

            I learned how to drive and I conquered my fear of driving on the freeway. I am a better driver now than I was back then even though people don’t like riding with me when I drive because it’s not their style of driving. My dad freaks out when I drive because he thinks that I can’t drive well when in all reality I drive very well. In the four years that I’ve been driving I haven’t gotten into any accidents and I haven’t gotten any tickets. I’m happy that I learned how to drive because now I’m able to drive myself anywhere and I don’t have to rely on my parents to take me anywhere anymore, unless something happens to my car which I hope doesn’t happen but you never know.

            When you are learning to drive or doing something else that is a big step in your life you need to make sure that you are truly ready for it. You know yourself better than anyone. You have to take a good look at what you’ve been learning and ask yourself if you are confident enough in your skills and if you know it through and through. You don’t need to take a step if you don’t feel that you are ready. Don’t take so much time that you won’t move forward but take enough time to know that you are sure about your decision and take that step that moves you forward. Don’t make a decision based on someone else. It’s you that’s in this situation and not them. Take your time. Listen to yourself.