My senior year in Highschool, I knew I had to make a video with all of my friends, so I could have those memories forever. This video I was constructing was going to be my first skateboarding video with all my friends in it. It was a total of fifteen friends; Aaron, Anthony, Adam, Brent, Carlos, Chris, Danny, Jacob, Jakob, Josh, Justin, KJ, Nic, Rosh, And Tommy. I knew these last moments of high school were going to be the only way my friends and I would have time to create this video, rather than now that we have jobs/school. The process did not come easy, there were struggles such as time management, low budget, meeting deadlines, injuries, and transportation that played a huge roll while making the video. Overall the experience was unforgettable and it showed me to cherish those moments I had while filming the video with my friends.


It all started back in October of 2016, I got bored of staying in Rancho Cucamonga every weekend skateboarding around, having a shitty skatepark, and no skate spots. That’s when I brought up the idea to my friends, Nic and Jakob, of taking the train from Rancho Cucamonga to Downtown Los Angeles. Every weekend we all would bring twenty dollars with us and take the Metrolink to LA and back to Rancho Cucamonga, while still having a couple of dollars to buy food. The first time out in LA, it was just about exploring the city and searching for skate spots. Luckily there’s an app called SkateSpots, that made the process easier. The app uses your location and has a map of the world of other people sharing spots. Also from watching skate videos on the internet, we saw those same spots out in the city. From that point on we made a list of the spots to come back to every weekend.


From that point on I would bring out the camera and start filming any time my friends had a trick in mind at a specific skate spot. Some days the trick wouldn’t work out, we would get kicked out by security/cops, some friends didn’t have money, some wouldn’t have time in the week, or they were just lazy. For example, one time Adam and Anthony snuck onto the train when they were low on money. Going back home one time from LA, Anthony said to me, “Tell me if their is security coming, so Adam and I can sneak into the restroom when Security is checking tickets,” and that was a pretty great plan, because we all ended up going home with no problem. In the process of making this video, my camera lens got hit really bad leaving the focal ring blurry and a couple of crusty scratches on it. The footage was like looking into a foggy bathroom mirror. I was really disappointed in that, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to finish the video. It just sparked the title of the video to be called “BrokeFish”. I called it that because the name of the lense that got hit is called a Fisheye, which is used to film skateboarding to make everything bigger than it really is. I was also on a low budget at the time, so I couldn’t buy a new one either.


I decided to make the deadline the day of graduation, which was May 23, 2017. It gave everyone seven months to get their clips and time for me to edit the whole video so it can be done by that time. Sometimes my mom would interfere with my work by taking my camera away, my computer, the chargers, and even my skateboard. She didn’t think I could time manage school and film the video, unlike my other friends that couldn’t do both. My friends Anthony, Jacob, and Rosh were the ones not focused in school and that played a role, because their parents either grounded them, took their skateboards, and even sent them to different schools. I’m their older friend and I encouraged them to do good in school, because I knew it was easy and they were just being lazy. They didn’t understand by not focusing in school, it just created another setback in the creation of our video. Finally, injuries were the last thing that interfered with the making of our video. Adam pulled his shoulder out by slamming into a quarter pipe, Justin rolled his ankle trying to kickflip a picnic table, and Rosh Bruised his heels by trying to ollie this enormous gap in DTLA. Before Rosh bruised his heels trying to ollie the gap, I told him, “I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you land it right now,” and that gave for bruised heels and money still in my pocket. For all of us to obtain money at this time since we didn’t have jobs, we did chores, recycle, and ask our parents for money.


I completed the video “BrokeFish”, on the day of graduation May 23,2017. I achieved my goal of finishing the video by my deadline and in the process I gained literacy in overcoming obstacles. I learned to prioritize time filming, even though I didn’t have transportation and money. I got to explore parts of Downtown Los Angeles that I didn’t even know existed with my friends. It was all our first time going on a train leaving our city we’ve always been inn. Now I have the whole experience documented on film to look back at. Im 19 years old now and have a job/college to attend. I barely have time to film/skate like I use to and it’s weird how things can change in a couple of months.  I’m currently working on a new video and it’s a completely different experience so far. My friends have cars, jobs, and girlfriends now. So it’s the same scenario of time management like the last video, but easier now that we have transportation to go anywhere and we can all pitch in for gas now. I hope this video will lead into something bigger in the near future for me.