My heart was racing and my nerves were on edge I was about to dive into the deep blue ocean for half an hour. I have never been scuba diving before and the ocean floor is going to be below me. Once I dived in, the water was clear and I saw so many treasures of the ocean. At that point my nerves settled and I felt so relaxed and free I didn’t want to get out. Getting to see the deep blue waters alive from underwater for the first time was absolutely beautiful. I got the chance of a lifetime to learn how to scuba dive.

Two years ago, my family and I went to Hawaii for the summer for a week. I was so excited, we been to Hawaii before and did all kinds of cool stuff there. But my dad said him and my brother wanted to go scuba diving this time while were there. I wanted to try it, but I was also scared if something went wrong. Once we were in Hawaii, we just got settled in and enjoyed the beach the first day. My dad had bought him and my brother the scuba diving tickets for the second day. Me and my mom took my dad and brother to the scuba diving school where they would teach how to scuba dive. When we walked in they had huge pictures of the ocean with all kinds of colorful fish hanging all over the room. I honestly never seen such beautiful pictures. A guy came up to us and said, “Okay, so who’s diving today!” I just looked at him and my dad said, “ We are!” And pointed to my brother. The guy was the instructor. My mom went to sit down in a chair and I was standing there at the counter with my dad and brother. I wanted to know what they were going to teach them. And then the instructor looked back to me and said, “Why aren’t you diving with us today?”. I said, “ It looks scary” and I turned to look at the pictures again. He said, “Those pictures are scary? I took those pictures myself.” I looked at him and said “What if something goes wrong?”. He said, “I promise nothing will go wrong, I’ve been diving since I was 14 years old and you get to see beautiful things.” My dad looked at me and asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to dive. Then the instructor gave my dad a low price for another ticket and I said yes.


First we got suited up in our wetsuits then we went over how to use the tanks and then went over what we needed to do in case of emergency. Once we were done with our classes the instructor told us to meet him at Shark’s Cove at North Shore. I immediately said, “Wait, woah, woah, Shark’s Cove? You didn’t tell me we’re swimming with sharks!” The instructor said, “No, no, shark’s aren’t common there, it’s just called that.” As he was laughing. I didn’t know whether to believe him or not but I guess I was going to find out eventually.

When we got to Sharks Cove, we took a boat to go out a little farther so we have more room to swim. When I got on the boat and I farther we got, I started to get very nervous. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking. I couldn’t help but to think of the worst, “What if something happens to my tank? What if I see a shark?” But we finally get to a stop, the boat was rocking and I didn’t want to stand up. The instructor goes over the basics with us again and calls up my dad first. My dad jumps in first and then my brother follows. After my brother it’s my turn, the instructor says to me, “Okay your all set, have fun!” I look at the water , close my eyes and jump in!

I open my eyes and the water is so blue and clear, there’s fish swimming all around me. I see my brother and dad. My dad waves at me and I wave back to him. We swim further down and there’s a reef with coral and tons of fish swimming around it. There was fish as big as the size of my arm. There were so many colorful fishes and plants. I have never seen anything so beautiful. I wasn’t nervous anymore , I felt so relaxed. I never knew scuba diving would be so free and relaxing. We had up to 30 mins swimming. It may seem like a long time but when your down there you don’t want to get out. Although, when our time was up we got out and the instructor asked us how it went and I said it was so cool.

Ever since I learned how to scuba dive , I try to go every year. I been scuba diving at Catalina island twice, and Long Beach once. Every time I go, I see new things and feel free. I even took one of my close friends and showed them how to scuba dive. I plan to dive in other places around the world and see new things in the great deep blue. Getting the chance to learn how to scuba dive was the best decision I’ve made.