“Ahhhhhh maaaaaa, can you help me get ideas for my essay.” This is what I told my mother when I got home when the topic of the essay was given. Throughout my life I have had numerous sponsors of literacy, each person benefiting me in a positive way. One exceptional person who has made a vast impact in my life is my mother. I am not just saying that because she is my mom, but because she is a great influence. To start I am going to give some background information about her. Adriana Pimentel, well originally Adriana Nuñez, was born on November 14,1971 in Michoacán, Mexico. My mom is the second eldest out of five children, when she was five she came to The United States of America. Her family moved to South Central, Los Angeles, in a single-story pink house with only two rooms and one bathroom with seven people living in it. My mother’s childhood was not so great: living in poverty, a gang affiliated area, with a poor education system, but she still managed to strive in her life. She was able to maintain her grades while taking care of her younger siblings and having to work since the age 14.

After high school my mother went straight to work, although she did not go to college she did get accepted into the University of Irvine. My mom could not afford UCI, so she went to a trade school instead. She specialized in accounting. While working she took a karate class and that is how she met my father. They fell in love, got married, and received the greatest gift from God, me.

Growing up as a kid, my mom has always been there for me. My dad was always working graveyard, so he wasn’t around much because he would sleep during the day. The person I am today is because of my mother. In Deborah Brandt’s article, Sponsor of Literacy, she defines a sponsor of literacy “are any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, or model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy — and gain advantage by it in some way” (pg.2). My mother has taught me everything in my life. She has taught me what is wrong and what is right. She gave me morals, taught me how to take care of myself, how to express myself. Whenever I had an obstacle in my life, my mom was always there to guide me on the right path.

I struggled a lot in English, it was my worst subject. I was always frustrated, not knowing what to do, or how to pay attention. My teachers did help me, but when I got home it was a different story. Nothing came to mind when I was having to understand the reading our class was supposed to do. For assignments my teacher would assign Say, Mean, Matter Charts and I would have no clue how to do them. These charts are where you have to explain what the author is saying, what the author means, and why does it matter. When I would read, I just read, but I never understood the concept. My mom was there to save the day, like always. She would sit me down and explain to me how I should put myself into reading, not just read to read.

         Not only school wise did she help me, but in other aspects of life. When I was sixteen years old she taught me to drive. I did not know the difference between the brake and the gas. I didn’t know what all the buttons meant. Imagine a tiny young person, practicing to drive in a huge red XL Yukon GMC. The truck was just like a fire truck. I was so nervous and scared. She told me what all the buttons and the difference between the break and gas. When she was teaching me, she can hear the panic in her voice. I did not know how much pressure I had to apply to the pedal when driving the SUV. It is so different compared to Prius. She went I pushed the pedal all the way down. The truck took off and I distinctly remember my mom yelling, “Me vas matar.” Then she started praying. I wasn’t even a bad driver, she was just exaggerating. Like most Mexican mom do.  She would scream every minute of me driving. She even taught my dad how to drive, when they were younger.

        Now that I am in college, my mom is teaching me how to be an adult. I mean I am 18, but I have no freaking clue what to do. Right now, she is teaching me how to budget. See the thing with me is that I can never have money. Every time I have cash or I know I got paid, I like to think I am a baller and spend my money on things that are not necessary. I shouldn’t be spending, when I got bills to pay. Also, I cannot cook to save my life. Cooking is a big part in a Hispanic family. So, when my Tia found out I could not cook, they say “Eres Mexicana y no sabes cómo cocinar.” Which means, you’re Mexican and you don’t know how to cook. Low key hurt my feeling, but once again my mom came to save me and teach me. Honestly cooking with a Mexican mom is even more hard. They don’t measure anything they just throw it into the pan. I get so confused. I have burned so many things it isn’t even funny. I couldn’t even make cup o noodles in the beginning. I would always forget to put the water in the cup, and then next thing you know the cup is on fire and I am being yelled at. I now know how to make beans at least. Do not even get me started when she taught me how to make chile. I felt like as if I was a blind old lady.

My mom has helped me so much in life. Not only is she my sponsor of literacy, but my best friend. She has taught me everything I need to know in life. She has helped me with every situation I’ve had. She has put me on the right path. I want to become a better person in life for her. I want to be able to take care of my mother, just like took care of me.