During my high school years I would call a few of my teachers my mother or a short version MOM.  I had a few teachers I would call my mother it was a term used by to show my gratitude to them showing them that they mean a lot to me. Such as my old math teacher Ms. Tounskane was another person I called my mother she really help me through the struggles of math, as well to teach me to understand math and to love it. My old English teacher as well  my study skills teacher Mrs. harbour was another person I called mother because she was with me almost all four years in high school she taught me how to get through life, pick a career, and saw my failures as a student. One year I was her peer tutor who would help the student in a subject she taught such as english I would go and teach the student to better understand what she was trying do and what to do for assignments. Towards the end of the semester she told me something I took with me in the present day and will carry it with me to the future when I reach my goal in life.


But first let’s talk about where this term mother came from, when my life begin it was difficult. When high school started I was on my own I would have help from family members sometimes they were always busy or on their own. My parents they didn’t know much about my work in high school. So math was a interesting subject in my years until I met my teacher Ms. Tounskane she helped me understand math as well someone who was there when I needed help or even someone to talk to. So soon enough I ended up call her my mom and she didn’t mind it at all. She looked at me and said “you know your mom would be mad that you have two mothers.” In which case I told her I don’t think my mother would mind since I have someone who can take care of me while I am in high school as well as someone I can trust. In fact after three months had past being in her class my grade had improve. The funny thing was she was a new teacher to the school as well it was her first year teaching. So staying after school helping her with her process of teaching and help her to become a better teacher me and her really connected. She has taught me a lot on life as well on how to better to improve on my decision in my future. As being an immature kid in high school and having problems with family. Ms. Thounskane was one of my teacher who was someone I can trust and talk to express what was in head, someone I open up to. Which is why I would call her my mother she was a big idol to me just disappointing her was the most scariest thing to me. But Mrs. Harbour was very similar in to why I call her my mother.


Mrs. Harbour was my english and my study skills teacher, my story with her in very interesting. I had another teacher before her then sadly that teacher passed away so the school gave me to Mrs. harbour and she took care of me. When I first walked in her class she looked scary and very strict. But getting to know her I understand her more and saw more about her. After my first year with her I liked her more and more as my gratitude grew more and more for her. Our connection grew for a teacher to student type of relationship. As time passed and I got older she would talk to me as an adult and taught me to understand life and how cruel it can be but as well how it very sweet you just have to open your eyes and accept what hits you. She was always there to help me in english and to help me with my future as well to better pick my future. One day she need a peer for her english class and asked me to take it since i needed to one more class but not a difficult subject.


So I signed up to be her peer in her english class, my job duties was to help the teacher here and there. But my main job was to focus on the student and help them understand the subject more and be better in it. Mrs. Harbour knew I love helping people even if it is something little I would give my time up to help anyone so being her peer was something she planned to help me in my future. Everyday in that class till the end of my last day of school I help the student understand her and know what she wanted in a essay as well when doing a writing assignment. When my time had came because I did the peer for her on  my last year of high school she had asked me. “Bernie what is it you want to do for your career” As a student I told her I wanted to become an FBI agent or settle to be a police officer. Then she replied with “Have you ever wanted to become a teacher”. Then I proceeded to tell her yes maybe but it never came in my mind as something i wanted. Then she told me “You should consider it cause having you as my peer tutor I saw you had the patience and the energy to help a student and connected with them like if you were in their shoes. As well you did say you love helping people you should think about it or have it as a backup plan if something doesn’t work out”.  As she had said that I went home that night and really thought about it and then it hit me I do really do love helping people and with my life I understand what people go through as well I can connect with anyone. So when i hit my big bump in life such as graduating i went to college not knowing what to do. After joining EOPS I had met with a counselor and they asked me what is my major as if I knew. Then i thought of Mrs. Harbour. That is when i made my choice to become a teacher for high school and to teach history. Even to this day I go back to my school and visit Ms. Thounskane and Mrs. Harbour. I always call them mom because that what they are to me. As for Mrs. Harbour I always thank her for helping me and giving me something that has changed my life.


Mrs. Harbour as well as Ms. Thounskane was the only two teachers that had the nickname MOM. They both didn’t mind it, they told me that I was basically their extra son and it was funny hearing that for me at least. As a son my duties were ask for help and guidance through life as well as to act like a student and be mature. But time had past and it was about time that I must move on and leave my high school years to enter college the world where everyone went to for a start in their career as well to begin their life. As of today i do go back and ask my mothers for advice as well as guidance because even then everyone will alway go back to the person who was their protector and helper. My two mothers at school were my helpers and i will always go back for help I am very lucky to have someone like them.