You sacrifice a lot, whether it’s small or big. The real question is, are you sacrificing the smarter things for the smaller things, or are you sacrificing the smaller things for the smarter things in life? We all have that person or people in our lives that will always push us to do better in life. For me that’s my uncle, he’s my sponsor of literacy. He is always pushing me and teaching me new things about life. The biggest thing that he has told me and has helped me learn was that,  ‘life is a sacrifice’. I remember when he told me like it was yesterday, we were in his backyard at that moment he opened my eyes and made me see everything differently. Everything you do in life is a sacrifice.

     Life is full of sacrifices. Their is good ones and not so good ones. Everybody sacrifices different things from their lives, time, and money. The thing is do you know that sacrificing will get you threw life? I believe that we all learn that at a certain point in our lives. Some of  us learn it before others. Some of us are forced to learn it without even knowing and others have to learn it. My main family comes from a line of eight brothers, the older ones had to learn it without even knowing they were learning it. They would have to sacrifice things like school, time, and having fun because they had to help my grandparents feed their animals or go sell their products that they would make to get money off  to survive. Others in this world like myself had to be taught it and learn it, we had to open our eyes and see it for ourselves.


     My uncle is one of the more successful persons in my family. He knows what it takes to make it. The biggest thing he had to learn was that you have to sacrifice to get somewhere in life. I believe that for that reason he tries to indoctrinate that into myself and the rest of the younger ones in our family. Myself and my family see the results that he has gotten because he sacrificed. He constantly pushes me and helps me see things from a different perspective. That helps me see things clearer and how things really are.                                                                                                                       

     He once asked me, “how are you doing in school”, I told him I had a couple of low grades. He knows me so well he told me, “you’re probably out doing other things rather than focusing on school”. After that he told me, “I needed to sacrifice that time that I waste out doing things that were not school related and do things that will help me improve my grades in school”. So I did exactly that, I slowly stopped going out and I started doing my homework, studying, and completing work. The more that I did that the more I would see improvement in my grades. That’s the time that I seen it work for me, sacrificing the smaller things for the smarter things was working for me in school and outside of school.


      In life you control what you do, you control yourself as a human being overall. You make the decisions in your life whether they are good or bad. I believe that the biggest sacrifices you will do in your life are for yourself and your family. If your family is good the next thing you should make time for and do over most things in your life is your career, or whatever it is that going to keep you alive or is already keeping you alive. I think that the smaller  things in life are things like partying and going out with your friends. The order we should live our lives by is career, business, and pleasure. I believe that living with those things in order, you will be a successful  person.


     Having fun is part of life. You don’t want to be a miserable person all your life and not enjoy the good things about life. My uncle once told me, “ do you want to work the first twenty-five years of your life or do you want to work the last twenty-five years of your life”? A lot of people have it twisted, all they worry about is having fun, doing things like partying and drinking. They forget about the important things in life. They put things like partying  over their career or whatever it is that is going to keep them alive or is already keeping them alive. Like I said at the beginning of this having fun is part of life but don’t put it over your bloodline. After all the hard work and sacrifice comes the fun. That’s when you have your life in line and you don’t have to worry about how your going to pay your rent or you don’t have to live paycheck by paycheck. Life is a sacrifice, put your long term life before anything else. Have your life in order, the way I was told was career, business, and pleasure.