When I was young at about ten years old, I was like the chimp from toy story 3,

instead of playing games I rather watch people play. I would arrive home from my elementary school, straight to my room and watch tv waiting for my mother to arrive from work and play video games with me. I was obsessed watching my mother play video games with me. At the time, I wasn’t comfortable playing games on my own for some odd reason, I was that weird child who would rather see someone play for hours.

Eventually, my mother would arrive from work, she’d start cooking, clean up a few things here and there and once the sun started to fall she would go upstairs and ask me if I was ready to play Crash Bandicoot with her. I can still remember her peaking in my room saying “ Ooooo are you ready to play crash bash!”, I would jump of the bed swinging my arms to the sky yelling “ Moooooooooooom!” I right away would grab and give her the remote control for her to continue where we left off. Our Playstation at the moment didn’t have a memory stick so we would do the impossible and leave it on for days, literally days. All so we don’t have to start the games all over. There came a time when our power went off to our house because of a storm and boy was I devastated. I started to pound on the walls, yelling, cursing at the storm because it had just ruined two full weeks of time invested on to those games. I was being so rowdy that my brothers and sisters decided to record me when I had gone outside in the rain cursing at the storm for giving me such punishment I felt I didn’t deserve.


After my relief my mother came to me and persuade me to play a different game with her.

My mother had so much fun playing my games that we ended up beating all five games I had for the playstation Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Digimon, Spiderman and Mega Man. I couldn’t even sleep at night of how much I wanted to continue watch my mother play games. Watching was like watching any other cartoon show but with that one person you love the most, laughing smiling and have a great time. Eventually my mother ended up getting a Super Nintendo in which she found at a yard sale and ended up surprising me at home with it. I remember like it was yesterday, she called me “Eeeeeeemanuel!” “Take out the trash from the kitchen please” and I went on to take out the trash from the kitchen to the backyard where all of our trash cans where at, made me dinner, took me upstairs and brought me to my room, in my mind I was thinking we were going to play another Playstation game all over again, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked inside my room. There she was sitting pretty, “a Super Nintendo” I said, waiting for me and my mom to play it. She showed me the two games it came with Mortal Kombat and Super Mario.

We turned it on and my mother passes me the remote control, I looked at her confused wondering why she had just given me the control. She said, “I want to see you play now” as nervous as I was with my sweaty hands gripping the remote control, I press the start button on the remote to continue to play.

I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to play, I couldn’t believe why it never came across my mind to play games on my own. After dying a few times, my mom asked for the remote control, I passed it on but all I can think of was when I was going to play next again. I from that point played all the games on my own, I even went back to the Playstation and played those games over again to complete them myself.

I was in a stage where nothing was in my mind but playing games. My daily activities would consist of sleeping, school, play games, and repeat. I then understood that if it wasn’t for my mom pushing me to play the games on my own I would never have realized how amazing it was to kill hours of your day in a video game. I know I would eventually try it on my own, but I would feel like it just wouldn’t be the same, like having your mother smile at you asking for you to play your brand-new game she had just gotten you as a gift.

         What I mean is getting out of your comfort zone isn’t always bad, at times it can be an extremely good idea or experience. Not only because you are pushing yourself or being pushed, but because there is a literacy within that decision. For example, I learned not only how to spectate but to actually see myself play the game, experience what is like to be behind the remote control an be in control. Life is to young to not give things a try. From there on I pushed and encourage myself to do the extraordinary. As of today, I feel confident with many of my decisions and I persuade many to do the same. I played hundreds of games throughout this time and I couldn’t be any happier on my making the chose as young boy to fall in love with such hobby.

         Furthermore, it taught me to not only be confident but to also use that new set of inspiration to other situations in life.

From that point only, it was nothing but huge steps up the ladder, even when times are tough like a storm knocking of the power of your house, I still continued to go back into that room and play more of what I loved doing.