Chips and Salsa

Don’t you hate it when you have too much of one and not enough of the other? There has to be the appropriate amount of chips to salsa for it to work, to taste good.

What are we talking about?

[su_spoiler]Chips = Arguments

Salsa = Examples and Evidence[/su_spoiler]

Reid: “Ten Ways to Think About Writing”

  1. A Thousand Rules and Three Principles
  2. Show & Telepaths
  3. The Little Green Ball and Some People: Doing Details Right
  4. Lost Money and Thank-you Notes: What’s in an Audience?
  5. Pink Houses & Choruses: Keeping Your Reader With You
  6. Fruit Jell-O: Balancing Arguments & Examples
  7. Wash-and-wear Paragraphs
  8. Hey Hey Hey and the Textbook Conspiracy: Annotating Your Reading
  9. Short-Time Writing: Use Your Higher Brain
  10. Rules vs. Rhetoric, or, The Five Paragraph Essay vs. “Try Something!”

Free Writing

Five minutes of free writing on whatever topic you are thinking about writing about. What do you know? What do you need to research? How are you going to organize it? 

Five minutes writing starting with the topic and what the support is going to be. What points are you making? What support are you going to have?