Quick Write

How would you feel if someone used your ideas or work without giving you credit?


Annotated Bibliography

Chapter 11 in our textbook explains the purpose of an annotated bib. An annotated bib is a works cited or references page with additional information added to each citation. You begin with the correct reference citation for your sources. For this assignment we will have at least five sources. 

Here is a good explanation of citations in MLA.

Here is the format:

Author(s). “Article Title.” Source, vol. #, no. #, season year, pp. xx-xx. Database, URL.


Kong, Les. “Business Sources for Education Majors.” Education Graduate Students Journal, vol. 75, no. 4, 2014, pp. 12-19. JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/stable/52506788.

To each entry you will add the annotation, the paragraph or two that explains the source, why you are using it, and its reliability. 

Each professor you will have in the future may have specific guidelines for what to include in an annotated bibliographic entry. Always follow their instructions. 

For this assignment, you should include:

  1. Summary of Source, 2-4 sentences
  2. How you are using it in your report, 1-3 sentences
  3. Reliability of source, 1-3 sentences

In total, you should have a short paragraph, 4-10 sentences, explaining the three points above.

MLA Style

We will be going over the 8th edition MLA citation Style. You can look under our resources page for MLA or APA guides. There are three things to consider for each style guide you use:

  1. Page Formatting
  2. In-Text Citations
  3. Works Cited/References Page

Here is a Power Point presentation covering MLA style 8th edition and the recent changes.

Grossman “From Scroll to Screen”

Lets look at the article. Does this sound like an argument or a thesis? 

How is he organizing the information? 

Creating Structure

There are many different ways to structure a report. Decide on the final type of report you will be writing and we can begin to outline the structure. There are as many ways to organize a report and there are types of reports. Here are some examples from your book.

  • Organize by date, time, or sequence
  • Organize by magnitude or order of importance
  • Organize by division
  • Organize by classification
  • Organize by position, location, or space
  • Organize by definition
  • Organize by comparison/contrast
  • Organize by thesis statement
  • Organize by genre (Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, News Report)

What structure do Wilcox and Grossman use in their reports?

You do not have to develop your own structure from scratch, although you can. Look at examples of the type of report you are writing to help determine the structure for your report.

Example: Look at a Wikipedia entry similar to your topic. How is it structured? What order do they present information?

Previous Outline Examples

Your Turn

Using what we learned today, make sure your Annotated Bibliography is complete and correct. 

Develop a working outline of your report, including Genre and medium. 

Quick Write

Comment below with your working outline for the report. 


  • Write a rough draft of your report for Tuesday. Bring it to class, physically or digitally.
  • Read Part 5, Style
  • Read Infographics (p. 555)
  • Read “Cosmic Postcards” (p. 649) Journal