Did it ever occur to you what’s drug trafficking is or how long it’s been around for? Drug trafficking is all over the world it happens everyday. Drug trafficking has been around since the 19th century smuggling marijuana,cocaine, and other substances throughout the whole United States. A lot of people don’t know what’s drug trafficking is or how it works or what’s the consequences, effects in the United States or how does it go around. Smuggling is a big deal all over the world and it reflects in our economy.

“ Drug trafficking has been around since the 19th century “ (www.history.com) during the mid 1800s Chinese immigrants arrived in California were the first to introduce smuggling throughout the region. California was the first country to enter smuggling, later it advanced to New York and other areas. As early as the 1950’s “Mafia families were caught smuggling drugs, later on paved the way for future cartels. “ (www.history.com) The US involvement in the Vietnam War led to boost smuggling in the United States between 1956-1970. Late 1970s cocaine started to get popular by smuggling operations. Later on in the 1980s cocaine smuggling operations were so bad in the United States and Colombia governments notified a bilateral treaty. In the 90s cocaine smuggling became a multi-billionaire dollar business by a group named Cali cartel (Mexican group) which covered about 80% of the United States of cocaine. Mid 90s the United States border became the access transport route for many drugs lords. During the 2000 drug trafficking started to increase that when “ El Chapo “ Joaquin Guzman took over operations and increased the percentage of smuggling. El chapo began to start the Mexican drug war in the mid 2000’s where he started to get more power and began to import alot of drugs in and out of mexico where he became the most wanted guy in the united states. The government started to operate groups of narcos to operate the cartels so that they can have feed back between the cartels and also to make captures of any drug operations. 

Smuggling Effects the United States all over the country because drugs tend to spread throughout the US. The United States is the main country that drugs go in and out through smuggling & operations. The cocaine sold in the United States was about 34 billion went through and 100 billion were sold. The United States has drugs all over the world and it effects our economy and millions die every year over drugs or killed by using drugs. “Drug Policy Alliance uses estimates 51$ billion annually to stop and end the war on drugs.” (www.wikipedia.com) Every year we try to decrease the percentage of drugs in the u.s because drugs are in and out the country. The United states receive a high percentage of deaths because of drug abuse and this occurs by the drugs hitting the street by getting smuggled through border lines. Although the united states get a lot of deaths because of drug abuse they also receive of deaths by drugs being the main cause of it. The whole world has downfalls because of drugs being the problem and alot of dirty money is made throughout the process which either the boss or amount of people get their share. 

Drug trafficking is processed into the United States in so many ways. The most common way that cartels,groups smuggle is by transporting by vehicle going through border lines. A lot of times cartels use so many other ways such as through items,cars,food, and even at times they get people to transport it by ways you can’t even explain. About 50 to 50 percent you have on transporting drugs through borderlines, that’s why so many people get paid to transport it. About good perfect die depending on how you do it and other good perfect get caught depending on the obstacles. Many operations also put drugs into big amount food to smuggle them or sometimes they even smuggle drugs over seas and over planes as well. Smuggling happens all over the world that there are so many’s you can do it but United States are working on increasing the amount on captures on smuggling.

Drug Trafficking is a big deal all over the United Sates and other countries if you get caught smuggling it, it can lead to many penalties or even jail time. The penalty for marijuana is “ Fine up to 25,000-200,000 prison to 3-15 yrs vary on amount of plants.” (www.legalmatch.com) and for cocaine “ fine up to 25,000-250,000 prison up to 3-15 years vary on the grams. (www.legalmatch.com) and lastly heroin penalty is “ fine up to 50,000-500,000 prison to 3-25 years because it’s the biggest drug trafficking crime.” (www.legalmatch.com) “The Drug trafficking becomes more severe depending on the classification of the drug. “ (www.legalmatch.com) Other penalties are if immigrant no entry back in the United States and also lose your rights and any benefits. Penalties can vary in different ways it can it depends and how much you have or what kind of drug is it. These are all state laws you can get by smuggling drugs. The biggest consequence you can receive of drug trafficking is death what i mean by death is how many people die everyday because of using drugs so it makes them addicted and it leads them to death.  

In conclusion Drug trafficking is huge all over the world but common in the United States. Smuggling has been around for awhile know but it will never stop its a common thing in our generation know a days we live with it everyday. Even with all the consequences given or you can receive for this kind of action nobody will listen and smuggling will continue. Trafficking plays a big role in our economy now in our present day and we need to make a stop to it or prevent it in our country. Trafficking happens everyday in our lifestyle that we don’t even know it because we worry about other things but we need to open our eyes and prevent smuggling into happening because it will help our economy.



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Iran has spent more than $700 million, and lost nearly 4,000 police officers in the war against drugs.


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