Due Today Report Final Draft

Revising You Own Work

Revise to see the big picture

  • Does the project meet the assignment?
  • Does the project reach its tended audience?
  • Does the project do justice to its subject?

Edit to make the paper flow

  • Is it well organized? Can it be improved?
  • Do you transition from point to point regularly?
  • Is the paper readable? Does it make sense?

Edit to get the details right

  • Is the format correct right down to the details?
  • Are the grammar and mechanics right?
  • Is everything spelled correctly?
  • Did you read it out loud to yourself?
  • Does it represent the appropriate genre? 


Think about on the report-writing process and write a short note about what you learned on from the process.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your project?
  2. What do you like about the report?
  3. Where did you struggle?
  4. What grade did you earn and why?


  1. Begin reading The Book of Unknown Americans 1-47 JOURNAL
  2. Read Chp. 7, Literary Analysis