When it comes to basketball, it’s a serious matter everybody wants to go and watch the basketball games and see what is going on. Basketball is not easy to overcome and it takes a lot of practice. In order to play in the NBA You must be really good, Which then will get you paid in the million range. The average amount paid in the NBA is $24.7 million in his career, Which is 18.6 million dollars more than a NFL player and doctors. Everything happens for a reason. Enough with the current days, we shall talk about the history of basketball.

Basketball was made by a white male named Dr. James naismith. He made it very successful and more than 300 million people play it world wide. He was a pure genius at the making of that sport. It didn’t take long for people to catch on and start playing the sports. It all started at a gymnasium at Springfield college. Where the men who played football had to find a different activity to do for the winter season. That’s when James Naismith had invented Basketball. Much respect for this man; if it wasn’t for Naismith I wouldn’t have found love for sports. He introduced these men to an “easy to play in the winter sports.” They would play for fifteen minutes and take a five minute break and go for another fifteen minutes. So basically two quarters of fifteen minutes. I do not know if they had to call timeouts because the research i am doing would not tell me.  James Naismith knew this was not enough for the men who played that sports. On their first game of basketball, the men would fight over the ball, punches were being thrown and people getting black eyes and as Naismith had described it “murder.” He had to add rules to the games of basketball; He mentioned that people we getting hurt and getting bruises on there body on the youtube video, The audio version. So he added a rule where you have to dribble the ball and not run with the ball. Which made people not slide tackling them or any other form of knocking them down. This rule then resulted with little casualties, making people live longer, less bruises, and love the sport. 10 years later people were playing it all over the world; and at 1936 basketball was first played in the olympic games.


When it comes to sports, people tend to think of a person who is fit and not overweight, especially in track. “Distance running has often been perceived as a sport that emphasizes a thin body shape because that shape is believed to be conducive to enhanced running performance” (Thompson & Sherman). People would have to get in shape in order to do these sports. eating disorder will take place and be harmful. “The coach’s purported verbal abuse was his directive that the player had to lose ten pounds in two weeks” (Thompson & Sherman). coaches will get players to get in shape and possibly lose their job. It says that at the time of the coach’s trail she was still symptomatic, excessively exercising and using diet pills. Coaches need to take care of their players and help them out with there eating disorder. As I said this in my introduction that athletes get a shit ton of money. Athletes will do whatever to get that money. “Currently, most elite athletes’ training constitutes their lives. Many are sponsored in order to train full- time without having to work to support themselves. We are continually concerned about athletes below the elite level of competition, who either by their own volition or by a directive from a coach, are training excessively in an effort to enhance their athletic performance” (Thompson & Sherman). This basically explains it self, and it also ties in with the fat that we have to maintain and keep it overweight. Many coaches believe that in order to be an athlete you must train and help very little or to the point of not eating.

Women didn’t have the right to play basketball. Women played basketball the year after basketball was invented. The attempt of having an organization was a fail. The first women’s college basketball game was played at smith college at 1893, which was two years after the invention of the actual basketball. This basically shows that women didn’t have as much fun at the time. Currently men and women are getting paid to play basketball professionally. But we are talking about the past and this is the current time. Women were not getting as much respect as men were, and so we the African Americans. They did not want the blacks to play professionally. In fact the first African American person to get drafted in the NBA was Chuck Cooper in the second round of the 1950 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. In 1908 The Amateur Athletic Union said that any female can not play basketball in public. The women needed a lot of help at this point and they were put at a disadvantage. The women had their first 5 on 5 full court game at 1970. Women compared to men had fun the hard way. “For the senior Girls basketball team, some background information needs to be presented before continuing the results breakdown discussion” (Sklapsky 14). This is another reason why the girls have the harder more rough times with sports. It’s because of there gender they need to get there background checked. This is just as sad as African Americans could not play. When the first African American went in the NBA, it was settled. More and more African Americans joined along and we are at todays time period.

In conclusion, James Naismith is a genius when it came to inventing a new sport. Basketball is not a manly sport, which mean everyone can do it. Also, basketball has nothing to do with the race of the person. Doesn’t matter if you are white black orange blue or pink. We are all one thing: Human.


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