What Makes Up Civil Engineering 

Civil engineering has been around for so long that it can be traced back to the Egyptian time. Most of everything of was built by a civil engineer. The three main engineering departments that are under civil is transportation, environmental, structural engineering. 

Transportation are important because they study the pattern of freeways, airports, and airports. They look at the freeways and the traffic on them. At times they need to plan for mass evacuations. For example, Katrina where “there was no effective plan to evacuate transit dependent residents” (Litman). When having a plan in place it can help with the freeways from getting congested. While helping people to get out of the area that is affect by the disaster faster. Saving more lives. The only ways we know when the is a traffic problem and how to fix it is when the problem has already started. They also, track how many cars are on the freeway at a time so they can figure out how to decrease traffic by creating more lanes, or more freeways. They also track how trains on railroads run, and how they can make the train run more efficient to get supplies around faster.   

Environmental engineers help with the ecosystem. They are the ones who filter water, so it can be used to drink. They study where water goes when it rains. How floods start and how to stop them. Environmental engineers “interest has been shifting from traditional monolithic materials to fibrereinforced polymer-based” (Cheung). They have used this to help the ecosystem. It make the material biodegradable and does not make the dirt polluted. It also, makes the material stronger from fractures and can make them last longer than normal which causes them to have less pollution. Help with clearing the pollution in water sources that have different types of fishes living in it. Also, they try to figure out how humans can help lower their pollution rates.  

Structural engineers are the main reason every building can stand up without collapsing on itself and the people inside it. Structural are one of the most know types of civil engineers. When they design the building, they need to consider where they are building it. So, it can stand up to the environmental factor around it. For example, in Fontana the building is designed to stand up against to one hundred and fifty mile an hour wind. Even know it would probably never get that high, but it need to be able to stand up the high winds from the San Anta’s.  

Civil engineers are what makes the world go around. They give us a less polluted place to live in. They give us roads that help us get form place to place easily and help better the road system, so we can get to places faster. They also give us homes and builds that can protect us from outside things.  


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This article is a scholarly source that was written by Todd Litman who is an expert In his field. Used the source as one quote and information for transportation engineering.