Vicente Morales

Professor Ramos

English 1A

27 February 2018

 Should Student Athletes be Paid?

            Students have participated in sport for a long time for reasons such as scholarships, personal fulfillment, or even family tradition. Only until recently, students have started to see benefits from joining college sports but in the past century there have been scandals and questionable acts that were attempts to pay student athletes. Though paying students in sports is not a current worldwide issue, there is a sense of unfairness and financial issues, ruining promising student athletes lives in the process. Why do colleges not offer salaries?

            In the Article College Athletes getting paid pros and cons, the writer supports college athletes getting salaries since the college sports teams bring in revenue for the school. He continues stating that aside from bringing in revenue, college athletes spend hours a week devoting their time to the sport they’re committed to. Throughout the article, the author offers cons of paying athletes such as salaries based on performance and financial instability. Other cons of spaying student athletes include unfair salaries differentiating by rank and school, with the possibility of bringing lower funding’s. The author provided both sides of the story and supported them effectively without favoring one another.

            As Employees receive benefits and salaries for providing excellent service to a company, athletes have perfected their skills in a sport which in turn benefits their college. In a website article from Forbes titled 21 reasons why student athletes are employees and should be allowed to unionize, Marc Edelman supports student athletes receiving compensation or benefits from playing a sport; due to the school almost abusing the students, treating them as a resource and not offering support. The writer did not offer any cons of paying the athletes but continued to provide reasons of why the student athletes are almost like employees and should have the same fair treatment as so.

            Television has been a huge financial supporter of colleges for years but, students don’t receive any check or contract. Colleges have argued that promoting money to students in sports encourages academic illiteracy which is wrong according to Flaptrack’s website article. The writer explained how athletes across the nation have been missing class due to going to championships and ruining their education. Though he describes how students should be paid, the writer did provide a visual of athletes pulling a metaphorical college and discussing the reason of why they do so by asking, “no gifts no cars [] …why are we doing this?” and the only response came as, “for an education but I’m not feeling too smart,” explaining the flaw of college sports not benefitting athletes.




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