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My name is Garrett Miller and I live with my dad and mom in the Capital Oaks. Most days I spend skating around bored to death by this town and everyone in it. I don’t understand why there are so many stupid Mexicans here. Everyday there’s more and more beaners and I hate it. My dad got laid off a year ago and hasn’t been able to find another job because of those dumb Mexicans are selling all the construction jobs. All I hear is my dad talk about how they stole his job and are selling millions of white people’s hard working jobs across the country. It infuriates me to see them at my school because they’re just so different. They talk different. They dress different. They look and even smell different than me and I hate it. Why don’t they just disappear or better yet in the words of my dad, “Why don’t those stupid spices go back to everywhere they came from.” He has a point; If they stayed where ever the hell they came from, white people like my dad, would still have there jobs.

Our community looks down on our family because they think we’re just a bunk of white trash rednecks. They don’t understand the situation we’re in. We are poor because the jobs are given to all the Mexicans and it simply is’t fair. My mom and dad have lived here for many generation and they just come here and are given extreme privilege and hand me downs. It’s probably because Obama became president. My dad voted for John McCain because we support our kind.  I would hear my dad say numerous times during the election, “Us white folks have to stick together.” All I know is that my dad hates wetbacks and so do I.

The relationship I have with my parents is pretty bad. My dad is rarely around but when he is he spends it fighting with my mom. It comes and does but when he’s home it gets bad. I know his temper scares my mom. Hell, it scares me too but I have to put a brave face to protect her. He’s out all day and gets home a drunken mess and when he’s that wasted, he doesn’t seem to like my mom at all. All I can hear from my room is the cries of my mom begging my dad to stop hitting her. The neighbors have called the cops many times which it pretty embarrassing because I don’t want people to know our business. They already have such a horrible image of us. I don’t want to end up like my dad. I have goals and dreams like everyone else. People treat me as if I was so type of animal and it hurts. All I want is to be accepted and cared for. It gets me mad because I can never be good enough. My parents make me feel completely worthless. My counselor ask me why I have such a bad temper and it’s because at home all they do is yell and bitch at me.

A pretty girl moved into my neighborhood. She looks a little strange, something is definitely off but wow is she beautiful. I can’t keep thinking about her. I saw her for the first time at the liquor store with her family. I don’t care if she’s a beaner, I like her.  I don’t understand why they look at me as if I was a monster. One time I saw her alone so I decided to go up to her. She looked really hot so I walked up closer and tried to touch her boobs. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I wish she spoke English so maybe she could be my girlfriend. I guess it was wrong I did that because her mom came down yelling which I thought was pretty over the top. Maybe if I was nicer to her kind of people she would like me too. 

Many immigrants face discrimination when first arriving to the United States. The language barrier, unfamiliar people and faces, and the separation from their home is extremely difficult and scary. Yet many people do not place themselves in their shoes to try to empathize the reasoning behind migrating to the United States.  They are often invisible and under represented in the United States because they are viewed as aliens which equals to less than an American citizen. It is essential to include the perspective of  Garrett Miller because it is the key to understanding where the root of ignorance and hatred emerges.

The media often portrays immigrants in a negative aspect. The image many have of migrated are of criminal, murders, and drug dealers. Many people who have negative ideals towards immigrants have never engaged with them or know any personally; these assumptions are created solely on what they view in the news or social media outlets. Garrett could not comprehend or explaining his hatred towards immigrants. He was negatively influenced by his father; Garrett overheard him constantly devaluing and dehumanies immigrants which instilled a strong display towards them. No child is born with hating another race but is taught this through their parents.