Have you notice that immigrants are always miss treated the same expect in different ways? Immigrants have always been around it not something new and the problems between cultures have always been present. The Rivera family has had to start all over aging to help their daughter. They have had to learn a new language and a new way of living. Where you can see how certain people don’t get along. In the book of Unknown American written by Christina Henriquez, we see how people treat a new family and criticize them without them knowing them. The book starts with a family trying to help their daughter have a better life because she had an accident where it left her brain damage, that makes her have a little trouble talking to people named Maribel. Maribel and her parents moved to the united states to try and have a better education that can help her with her problem and while living in the united states they suffered being miss treated, being discriminated, to also taken advantage of. Immigrants may have many different ways of living and acting toward but they are just trying to have a good life like Americans.

Immigrants have always been segregated in many different ways. The immigrants community has always been treated unfairly because of the language barrier and their different cultures. For example, when the Rivera family had a hard time buy food because they did speak the same language they almost stayed without food. They couldn’t communicate with the sale person because they couldn’t speak the same language. “What’s wrong?” I asked Arturo. “I don’t know,” he said. “I gave him the money, didn’t I? Is there something else we’re supposed to do? “People had lined up behind us, and they were craning their necks now to see what was going on. “Should we give him more?” I asked. “More? I gave him twenty dollars already… “Someone in line shouted impatiently (Alma page 22).” Although many immigrant families come to have a better life in the united

 states their families always end up in situations where certain people can act differently towards people they don’t know how to treat them. Two different culture collide and don’t understand how they work together and don’t get along. According to J. Lynn McBrien Hispanics always have a hard time with fitting in “The parents reported ridicule, harassment, and embarrassment because they were not fluent in English”. (McBrien page 342). The immigrant’s community has one priority when living in the united states and that learning English wither they speak it right or not they try to become a good citizen to fit in with the new culture they come to understand and live in they heard of.  

Immigrants are always being discriminated weather it’s about their appearance or the class they belong too. In the book Maribel was always being taken care by her mother being overprotective  not letting anyone hurt her. While other treated her badly because she a little behind. When in the book she is always treated badly because of her condition for example “Something wrong with you?” … “That’s why you were on that bus, isn’t it? You’re some kind of retard. How do you say ‘retard’ in Spanish? Hey!” Garrett said,”. (Mayor 130). Immigrants are always discriminated wither it being different color by an appeacen or having a special problem. According to the university  from “We constructed a physical bullying category if the respondent experienced one or more of the following ‘once every two weeks’ or more often: he relational bullying category was constructed by combining responses referring to: (1) being excluded by a group of friends; and (2) being called names, including by text or email, using the same frequency threshold (Chatzitheochari, Parsons, Platt page 700).While there many thing that the immigrants  get discriminated  by their appearance but article is said that these kind of people get categorized as bullied. We see that have a disability can have people discriminated them because they think they think their weak. Like in the book Maribel gets discriminated because of her injury and the one doing it to her is the bully Garrett just because he thinks she won’t fight back.

Being taken advantage of is never okay to do to someone under no circumstances. In the book we see how they take advantage of the father of the family Arturo at his new job. We see how bad immigrants are treated and neglected in bad conditions. When his wife asks him, they eat he says “Arturo shook his head. “No one eats. “I was appalled, though I didn’t want to say so. What kind of place required a man to work all day without being allowed to eat or drink? There ”(Alma page 44)  we see that there is a lot of neglect that happens to immigrant works that the world doesn’t see .According to the  Workplace Violence and Harassment of Low-Wage Workers article “workers that feel vulnerable to exploitation are less likely to use their rights-these include immigrant workers, those with less education or fewer skills, and those in smaller workplaces or in sectors prone to a high degree of informal work arrangements” (Kristen, Banuelos, Urban page 173). In the Berkeley Journal of Employment & Labor Law they state that most of the people taken advantage are immigrants that are most likely candidate because of their lake in education .Evan thought all immigrants suffer these kinds of experience in the united states they keep going because they want a better life just like every other immigrant.






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