Steroids in the UFC has been going on for years and has always been a very serious issue, over the years the Ultimate Fighting Championship has implemented stricter testing for steroids. Yet people always find a way to beat the system, Steroids are dangerous for the person that is taking them but can be even more dangerous for the opponent. It is not fair to face an opponent who has a more of advantage of speed, faster reflexes, and more power than you because he is taking some form of steroids. Any fighter who uses this substance should be banned from the organization right away so that other fighters will take drug testing more serious.


               According to Rogol and Yesalis III the benefits of Steroids are an increase of physical strength, delay in the onset of fatigue, increase in exercise endurance, and prevention of anxiety that could interfere with performance, enhanced attention and concentration, and development of a more satisfactory competitive attitude. (Pg. 465)  Anabolic steroids have traditionally been used in “Cycles which can range from 6-12 weeks or more duration. Of course there is also cons to using steroids as well. According to Arnold, people who use steroids have a 30% chance of receiving a heart attack when using TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), also developing brain damage and possibly CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), and also once off of steroids will never have the same testosterone levels as they did before causing them to feel depressed, tired, and helplessness. (No Page)

Vitor Belfort one of MMA’s most beloved and polarizing fighters in the sport. According to Arnold, Vitor Belfort failed a drug test in 2006 for the first time due to steroids and people suspect that his low testosterone levels are caused from a history of past steroid usage. (No Page) Vitor Belfort would take TRT for 3 of his fights dating all back to 2013 where he would win in devastating fashion against Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, and Dan Henderson winning all of his fights by knockout. However, Belfort’s Testosterone levels were far above the regulated levels and was found guilty of taking steroids. Belfort was not suspended or fined because these fights were being sanctioned in Brazil and not in Las Vegas under the Nevada Athletic State Athletic Commission. In his fight against Michael Bisping he clearly had an advantage, Belfort was much bigger in muscle mass, quicker, and was the more explosive fighter between the two. Belfort hurt Bisping on multiple occasions in the fight but in the second round Vitor landed a devastating head kick on the right side of Michael Bisping’s head which detached his retina. Bisping has had five eye surgeries since the fight but his eye will never be the same again. Belfort would continue to steam roll opponents by knocking them out in very impressive fashion. However he would not accept a fight anywhere else other than his hometown in Brazil, in 2014 Belfort failed yet another drug test for having his testosterone levels to high which usually results when a person is on steroids. Then in 2015 he would return to the octagon and to the United States in Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time in nearly two years to compete for the UFC Middleweight Championship but Vitor Belfort would be forced not to use his Testosterone Replacement Therapy but leading up to the fight Belfort’s levels were still very high but when the fight was inching closer his testosterone levels would decrease drastically. Vitor did not look the same physically. He appeared very soft around his body, smaller, and did not have the same reaction time as he did when all of his fights were taking place in Brazil .


The UFC has been very inconsistent with their drug testing and even banned Nick Diaz a very popular and brash MMA Superstar for five years for testing positive for Marijuana. His opponent on the other hand, considered the greatest MMA fighter of all time Anderson “The Spider” Silva tested positive for Steroids substances. Anderson was not suspended from this bout but was fined 30 % of his purse against Nick Diaz. Nick on the other hand had to appear in court and the majority of the court voted to ban Nick Diaz from the sport of MMA for 5 years just for testing positive for Marijuana metabolites. The UFC does have the Nevada Athletic State Athletic commission as well as USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) which is Olympic style testing but fighters always find a way to slip on by and continue to break the rules by taking steroids. These fighters should be banned from the sport for good and an example should be made out of the next fighter who tests positive from these substances, so it will let other fighters know that the drug testing is not messing around anymore.


Fighting is people livelihood, this is how some people make their living and provide for their families. Fighting is already very brutal, but when you have a guy who is roided up trying to cave your face in and take your head off with a knee, elbow, kick, etc. Makes it much worse and very unsafe because someone could get severely injured, have brain concussions, or even die as a result from another man’s hands who had a significant advantage over his opponent. People, Drug-Testing Agencies, and athletes should really take this into consideration when thinking about letting someone take steroids for a condition they have. If a man/women needs steroids to compete or fight, they should retire or find another way to make their money because they could possibly ruin another competitor’s life. Actions should be taken now and not later because it might be too late if something terrible were to happen to an athlete or someone and then the Drug Agencies realize that something should have been done a long time ago.

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            I chose this article because it was very informative on the topic that I wanted to talk about and had a lot of information about the different form of steroids. It also explains how steroids are not only bad for the athletes who are taking them but very dangerous for the opponent as they can get seriously injured and have traumatic brain injuries as well.

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I chose this source because it was very informative in relating how steroids work and the different types of ways that they can be taken. It helped me with a lot of information that I needed in order to argue my point that I wanted to get across to the readers who read this or want more information on steroid usage.