In a world full of children being orphaned, there has been a spark that lid up the controversy between same-sex adoption. A huge number of children have been orphaned either due to the fact that they cannot be taken care of, the parent ended up alone, or the child was left alone and was found. Children either come out to be orphans their entire lives or get adopted at an early age or the ages between 5-12. Same-Sex adoption should be allowed because the children can grow up with a loving family and who have devoted their lives to one or more children.

            In the Worldwide Children’s Statistics, it states that there is an estimate of 153 million children worldwide that are orphaned. In the year of 2016, there was an estimate of 65.6 million refugees and migrants that were orphaned. Aside from that, there is a lot of talk that same-sex adoption is an advantage and some are against the idea. There are many beliefs on why gay and lesbian adoption is either a really good thing or that it may harm the child mentally. Children should be able to be with a family who will love them no matter if they’re a gay/lesbian couple or a straight couple.

            In the article “Many States Still Prohibit Gay Adoption” by Rebecca Beitsch, she states that Florida had a gay adoption ban in 1977. She then says “gay adoption had only recently been overturned”. Reading further into the article, it says that after the gay marriage ban was overturned, Ellen Khan, the director of the children, youth and families program says, “Marriage doesn’t create this completely certain playing field” which he implies gay adoption. More into the article there is more examples of states that have had gay adoption banned. For example, Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and more. This was around the years of 2008-2010. Once one state started to surpass the law of gay marriage/ gay adoption, one state after the other started to follow. There are still a very few amounts of states that still do not allow either gay marriage or gay adoption.


In another article “Same-Sex Adoption Should Be Supported for the sake of Encouraging Adoption” by Kerry Hosking goes into more detail on why adoption should be supported by everyone whether or not the couple is heterosexual. The article then explains how adoption can only be managed with stable incomes. Such as, having money for the partner whom the person is with and having money for the child. Also, having enough money for payments, bills, etc. Adoption is to take a child into your care and providing for the child. Being financially stable is what makes adoption available to couples, the orphanage will not allow a child to leave with a family who is not financially stable.

            Same-Sex adoption would encourage more couples to adopt. Although, same-sex adoption has its cons. A child can grow to be mentally damaged by having parents of the same sex. A child at a young age can start questioning themselves of what sexual orientation they are. Having parents of the same sex can cause the child physical damage in school. Other children will physically or verbally bully the child with the same sex parents which will impact the child psychologically and emotionally. A child needs to have a ‘well-balanced’ family so the child can have role models of both sexes. Children with gay parents have higher rates of depression. Two gay men with a daughter will not be able to teach the girl about her anatomy. Two lesbian women will not be able to do the same but with a son. The fact that having two of the same sex parents will cause harm to the child, it is best to not allow same-sex adoption.

            Overall, orphans will be loved whether they are adopted by a gay or straight couple. children deserve to be happy when they are adopted and not brought down with hate. Same-Sex adoption should be allowed to reduce the number of orphans and lower the numbers of overcrowded orphanages. A family is a family when there is love from one person to another. The amount of hate same-sex couples get for wanting to adopt is unacceptable and should not be allowed. Everyone deserves to be happy and if that means adopting children, it should be totally allowed.











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