Vegan diet is everything that does not contain any animal. So that means no meat, no dairy, no fish etc. It’s basically almost a plant-based diet. I went vegan a couple years ago, for six months and while being vegan I experience so many great benefits, also met a lot of people that did not agree that vegan was and is a maintainable diet for a human. At the beginning I almost believed them, but I have experience it for myself and have the knowledge to share with you exactly how it felt to be vegan. It is called being vegan but for me it was more just being healthy and feeling good about myself.
A lot of people have this stigma for vegans. They think the only reason why people go vegan is because of animal rights. They think vegans hate people that aren’t vegan and believe that a vegan person would never associate with a non-vegan. They think vegans must publicize about veganism and advocate people about it. The saying goes, ‘you know when there’s a vegan in the room because they’ll tell you and that’s all they’ll talk about’. As it comes to a shocker there are more reasons why people go vegan, allergy reactions to animal products, environmental reasons, and as for me it was for my health and weight loss. I wanted to look good and feel good about myself my made focus was weight loss. I decided to cut out all meats since that slows down my metabolism as well as dairy products. With that alone I stared dropping pounds it motivated me to go all the way vegan, then people around me noticed my weight loss and applauded me on it
As I became slimmer the people around me started to say that I was losing to much weight and that I need to eat more, that I needed to eat meat that ‘this diet was unhealthy’. I wasn’t starving myself I was eating more frequently than when I wasn’t vegan. I checked the body mass index and I was still over weight. People were just not use to seeing slimmer. Even random people stared telling that I wasn’t getting the vitamins and protein that my body need to survive and I honestly wasn’t sure, so I did some research. For protein, nearly all vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds contain low protein (Protein in the Vegan Diet). As for calcium, soy and some nuts contain calcium, oh and did I mention that our bodies produce its own calcium! Omega3 are in our vegetables kale, spinach, cauliflower and much more. Soon I realized that people didn’t know much about vegan diet, they were just going off presumptuous and it made them look very arrogant because of it. I wish people would educate themselves before they spoke on something important to someone else. Besides the harassment and people shoving chicken in my face to mock me. Being vegan not only looked good on my body, but it felt good. I was always energized, before vegan, I use to have to take mini naps between school and work. Working-out felt even better and so much easier. I can say I felt lighter working out my mood overall was more positive. In fact, not drinking animal milk will drop your estrone. You wont have the cows milk messing with your emotions.
Going vegan can be very healthy but it can also be very unhealthy if you are not educated on what your body needs on the daily basics. For example, if you eat 2500 calories a day and eat veggies and a lot of potatoes and fried foods, and too much soy can be bad for your body. Also, just because its vegan it does not atomically mean its healthy a lot of process food can be fatting and unhealthy. It is very important to educate yourself before going vegan to avoid getting sick. Vegan diet can be very helpful with improving your health ‘it appears to lower blood sugar levels and improve kidney function’(6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan.). removal of toxic substances found only in animal meat. Reduced saturated fats. A vegan diet helps combat obesity in all age groups. A “comparative study done on various diet groups has proven that vegans have the lowest body mass index and are less prone to obesity when compared to vegetarians and non-vegetarians”(Organic Facts) . The reason behind this significantly lowered weight gain in vegans can be attributed to higher fiber and lower animal protein intake. There are so many more benefits on vegan diet it is actually good for your body!
The problem is that people don’t believe in a vegan diet they don’t think its sustainable but it really is sustainable. And people have this stigma of vegans which most time is not true. Vegans get make fun at lot and a lot of people mock them, it is unfair and not right not all vegan have the same reason why they went vegan and not all vegan. The solution is that people should be inform or ask if they don’t know something and never speak on something that is not true, especially when its important to someone else.