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When children start to get aggressive, who do they blame? The parents or guardians who don’t know how to take care of young adults. As well, they tend to blame violent video games especially since the recent schools shootings. But studies shows that playing violent video games does cause young children to become more violent. That is because the parents buy their child those games when it is clearly shows on the case of the item they buy it has a rating on who should buy and play these games. All games has ratings starting from E for everyone to ending at A for adults. Studies show children playing games way over their age do get violent but young adults who play games at their age do get violent but has more control over their aggression These rating let the buyer know that these video games has certain content in them as well the games itself is meant to be played by a certain type of audience. It is hard for young minors and young adults to ask their guardians to purchase a game for them when the media only shows that all games has violent content on them. When they never show that video games can sometimes show improvement to the person who plays the game more than the people who rarely play or don’t play at all. Studies shows that people who play video games they’re reaction time as well solving difficult task. My solution is these parents should pay attention to what they’re buying their kids and to look deeper into the games they are going to purchase           Image result for video game rating system

Do video games really cause violence? In my research I found that video games can cause violence in children, but only to young kids age from five to ten.” Unfortunately, few studies have been completed on violent video game exposure and aggression in children under age 10. There is also little information about the impact of violent video game exposure on minority children.” (NCHR). However, in the research I found young adults such as from an age of thirteen to seventeen their brains are halfway to near done development. In such they know not to act in such negative events such as school shooting and physical aggression. That is because they know what’s right and wrong such as the studies shows. They only do studies on young children never on young adults. You cannot always blame video games for the cause of people action or aggression because that’s like blaming food for people being obese. Even blaming guns for people shooting one another or even using a gun for a horrible event.

            however, studies do show that video games do help other than causing aggression that the media places on tv. Video games can make their players have a quicker reaction to what’s in front of them as well to pay much more attention to their surroundings. As well to solve difficult puzzles much quicker than a regular person who plays games very little or none at all. “In the study, frequent game players between the ages of 18 and 23 were better at monitoring what was happening around them than those who didn’t play as often or didn’t play at all. They could keep track of more objects at a time. And they were faster at picking out objects from a cluttered environment.” (SNFS). This shows that video games will improve the person visual skill as well to be much faster to reaction and picking things out than a group of people who does not play games. The reason for this is because in games the player is mostly rewarded such as either gets a skin or certain item to help build the character the person is using in the game. Even the player can get game currency to buy items or even move on with the story. It’s hard to believe that video games cause violence.


            One solution I believe that should implemented more is that the parents need to know understand the games they are buying for their children. the parents should be shown the rating of a video game before they decide to purchase the item. “90 percent of teenagers say their parents never check video game ratings before allowing them to buy games. Grand Theft Auto is rated M for Mature, meaning that only children age 17 or above can purchase it.” (poor parenting). These parents really want their children to be better at making decision they need to buy the require games for their age. Back to what I research is video games can improve the person vision and its focus in everyday life. But when games developers create games they sell the games with rating to show what the games attention it requires such as what is the audience. When the parent gets mad at the games they need to think and ask themselves that if they brought the game to their children because there are lawsuits out there on the game developers. Most of the lawsuit was lose because all games have ratings and a child under the age of 17 cannot buy a rated M games without being to show identification to show the proper age of the person. Therefore, they always ask the parents and in which case the parents agree to buy them the video games without realizing the rating and who the game is meant for. That is because some children aren’t mature enough to understand there are real, serious consequences to going out in the world and doing serious damage such as murdering innocent people.

            Yes, Video games do cause aggression only to those young children to play games way out of their age. These parents need to research the video games they want to buy for their kids instead of blaming the games itself when it’s their fault only because eth game only does what it meant for giving the players a puzzle or enjoyment. However, it’s always the person decision to purchase a video game as it does improve the visual aspect of a person and their focus. Video games isn’t for everyone but people who enjoy it are people we should really study much more because they live a life that is difficult to some people.

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