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A Global Threat and Local Threat
In modern times it seems as if we have multiple issues looming at our doorstep and more problems arising as time goes on. For example, we live with the inevitable threat of a highly destructive earthquake that could destroy our homes at any second. Yet the topic that is most concerning in recent times is climate change; it is an issue that affects all of us and should be a topic of more importance. Not only does it affect all of us but it will affect future generations and could change the structure of Earth forever.

To me, one of the most concerning things that should be seen as unacceptable and create greater uproar, is that our Commander-in-chief the great president Trump does not believe in climate change. Our president has said in the past through his twitter account “@realDonaldTrump” that global warming is a concept made by the Chinese in order to decrease our manufacturing resulting in a decrease in our competitiveness with countries like China. Often times conspiracy theorists have a misconstrued perception of reality, sadly to our demise the president of the United States is one of those people. For example, throughout the years there have been numerous occasions he’s tweeted through his account (@realDonaldTrump)(Donald Trump Tweet)that global warming doesn’t exist because the winter in the east coast had record breaking cold temperatures(Donald Tweet 2). Meanwhile in Souther California our winter was abnormally hot, and abnormally cold temperatures are a sign of climate change/global warming and are a side effect of global warming. There is much evidence to prove that global warming is real and is affecting us, it is not something you just ignores and goes away.( Tapan B., et al. “Climate Change Trends and Impacts on California Agriculture”). We must allow this way of thinking to continue to seep through our society because we could cause irreversible damage to the large ecosystems on Earth.

An easy way to take action in to our own hands is by informing ourselves and become more careful who we vote into these positions of power. Some may argue that as Californias we are more aware of current issues sadly that is not the case. For example, California’s Interior representative Ryan Zinke denied that the increase in wildfires was not due to climate change but rather terrorist environmentalist (Langone A. Secretary Zinke Says Climate Change Is Not Responsible for California Wildfires, Blames Environmentalist). The absurd argument made by Zinke highlights why we must become more informed and involved in our voting system and be more careful who we vote for. We must not allow this mentality to brew because our lives because homes and lives could be in danger to these yearly wildfires. We don’t need politicians to make excuses rather they should find a solution.

Subsequently since the turn of the Millennium, us Californians have had to deal with the consequences of climate change. From firsthand experience It seems as if every summer gets hotter and hotter, we have record breaking temperatures every summer which is not normal ( In the past it was thought that dry sediment was the main cause for the rising amount of fires but that is not that case. Even though we are no longer in a drought and have had adequate rainfall for two winters in a row these past two years have seen an increase in the severity of wildfires that blaze throughout the state (Cleveland Fire and Carr fire) proving rising temperatures are to blame.

To further elaborate on the devastating fires this year we’ve had huge fires such as the Carr fire and Cleveland Forrest fire that have scorched many homes, killing several people and turned acres of the Californian scenery into smithereens ( SANCHEZ CNN. Northern California’s deadly Carr Fire). As Ray Sanchez describes the Carr fire as “the fatal inferno,” and continues by giving us more statistics saying, “it has killed six people…since it started last week and has the potential to become among one of the largest wildfires in California’s history as it continues to burn with 20% containment.” As of July 23 one of the most destructive wildfires in state history continued and killed eight people, It also destroyed more than 1,000 homes and consumed 229,651 acres, according to California fire officials(Calfas J. The Carr Fire Is California’s Deadliest and Biggest Blaze of the Year). During the same time the Cleveland fire was not far from our homes in the Inland Empire, which should be a wakeup call to take the necessary precaution and lobby our representatives in order to pass more environmentally friendly laws and become more aware of these issues.

In Syphard A. Sheehan’s article “Mapping Future fire Probability Under Change” is an in-depth study about which parts of the land are most likely to be in threat due to climate change. The study concluded with the obvious result that that our forest was in the greatest threat of fires. This is very concerning because we could lose precious wild life and ecosystems within the forest. Just this year I was witnessed a fire that was destroying one of Californias most precious landmarks Yosemite. I visited Yosemite as a detour on my route back home from lake Tahoe, the views in the national part were beautiful. However, my experience was tainted because of smoke from a nearby fire, the suffocating air that hazed the huge rock formations reducing its visibility. The park was closed the day after my visit. We cannot afford to lose our landmarks due to fires that have become more prevalent due to global warming.
Another concerning issue is highlighted by an academic journal written by the American Meteorological Society, the journal elaborates that we Californians must adapt to urban expansion and take in to consideration climate change. We must adjust because the continued urbanization of the state seems inevitable. This is true because ever since the recession I have seen homes being built nonstop in Fontana and surrounding areas. According to the journal California is the most populated state in the United States and it is projected to add a million of new inhabitants throughout the century which arises many new issues. One point being that if urbanization continues crop production needs to double by 2050 to meet the projected demand for food from rising population, realistically this will be difficult to meet if global warming affects our crops in central valley (Tapan B., et al. “Climate Change Trends and Impacts on California Agriculture: A Detailed Review). If global warming reaches a level that our crops re no longer able to grow how shall we feed the growing population of California?
We should take action, take matters into our own hands and it does not have to be a drastic change in your lifestyle. Just attempt being more aware and be more environmentally friendly. If we all continue this path we could make such damage that the results could be irreversible. We are the most populous state in the United States and through agriculture we produce a large amount of the country’s food demand. In order to sustain this, we must maintain ideal climatic conditions for our agriculture to provide sustainable amounts of food. This is why global warming should be an issue that we stop and prevent for our own future.
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This is a detailed review written by Tapan B. Pathak and other to point out the similar trends affecting the state of California throughout the years. The review raises the point that Global crop production needs to double by 2050 to meet the projected demand for food from rising population, realistically this will be difficult to meat if global warming affects our crops in central valley. This review contains a large amount of data that is valuable to my study of climate change its affects in our current lives and why we need to take action and eagerly attempt to diminish out our ecological footprint. Very reliable sources, this paper was supported by the University of California Office of the President, supported Carbon Neutrality Initiative funding and by the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resource (UC ANR).

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This article was written by many primarily Syphard A. Sheehan, in the article many topic are touched upon most importantly how we can map and sort of predict what areas are the most likely to have a wildfires in the future. The article elaborates and says that the main cause for wildfires in California, and as the temperature seems to reach record highs every summer which is very concerning. Every year forest fires seem closer to home. I will use this prove another point how climate change arises many different issues. Academic journal.

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The article The Climate Faces a Climate Reckoning, written by J. Worland is direct to the point, it lists the many ways that we can help revert/ lessen the effects of climate on Earth. The article shows the current political stand point and how politicians view the issue. I will use this article as background information and also to help with my call to action in my final draft and back up how we should not make less of the issue.

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Interior representative of California gives ridiculous reason for wildfires blazing throughout California. He blames environmentalist, he elaborates by say they are terrorist are the cause of the fires blazing throughout California

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