Vanessa Alvarez

Professor Ramos

English 1B

15 September 2018

A border is a line separating different countries and involves having to deport people. A border can cause a ton of harm to many friends and family since some are not able to be with each other. In a movie I seen this happens and it’s such a hard time for them, especially where their from it happens constantly that many families get separated and sent to the other side. Majority of the people being deported are Hispanics. We are much more closer to the Mexican border than any other. Those who do cross those borders and spend their time crossing rivers and having to jump fences should be given a chance and at least time to see if they are good people coming into the country for a good change.

    Many people are not allowed to cross a border since a passport or visa have to be shown to immigration at the front line. There are many times people cross illegally and happen to get caught by border patrol. They are punished in jail for a short period of time and are sent back to their country. If they attempt to come back in again they do get a couple more time in jail and get a harder time if they ever do apply for a visa. Just recently President trump released a new law of no longer giving a person who crosses a chance to speak to a  lawyer, now they just detain and get sent back from where they came from. In the movie Lone Star I seen you see a cultural border since it’s all hispanics being detained and also just being in the country they get asked for their documentations. Not only are hispanics being the ones targeted but also Canadians are having to fear for there staying in the US and many more. There are many consequences that they have to face in order to be where they’d like to live they life and mainly its fear. Some come for a better future and see great opportunities here just how my parents did to bring their children to a better place and help them succeed and be someone in life.

    It may seem like a good idea to deport people because of some hispanic reputations but it can cause harm to children and families. Children are now being separated from their parents and even getting lost in the system. Just recently many children went missing and they have not been found. There have also been reports of how poorly children are being treated when they are being detained. Parents go crazy looking for their babies and it can cause a huge disaster with them trying to get back at the system who lost their kids. In an article CNN states that immigration says there are not legally responsible for approximately 1,500 kids lost. This could cause trauma to kids for feeling lost and lonely. Many kids need their families support and love to move forward and sadly some won’t ever be able to feel that. Those kids can fall into a system that cause be taken as foster kids and that’s money government officials would have to pay in order to get them into a home and schooling when there was also an option to have there families with them and they could have provided their kids instead.

    On March 2017 President Trump claimed to build a 30 foot high border. This made it more difficult for those who’d like to cross over to ever come. Trump is completely against immigrants to where he would also want to raid homes where they believe immigrants live in. It has happened around the US. They show videos online of family member being taken away from there home and multiple kids crying and traumatizing them. Some little kids even seem to be prepared because they do take out there phone and record so there able to get help in anyway with the court. Trump had also put a law of allowing families to be apart but this year on June he ordered to not allow families to be split but to be detained together. It’s sad to see how late he is in finally putting an end to a horrible thing after many children went missing and families no longer being able to get a hold of each other.

      In Texas there are laws in witch border patrols are able to ask for your documentation at random. Many people are frightened to even walk outside their homes or even to the store and drop off their children to schools. Borders shouldn’t also have to cause those in the US fear. They should only detain those crossing but at least be given a chance to speak to a lawyer and get an opportunity for a better life. In other films I’ve seen there are immigrant who come and have to hide but no matter what they get through the day and continue to work. I’ve seen a movie called “Under the same Moon” it’s about a mother and son being apart and only able to communicate through a public phone. He works his way in LA to one day be able to see his mom and so does she as a housekeeper. They both at some point have to hide and run from the police but they do and it goes to show how much of a hustle is it to just work here undocumented. I do think borders should stay up but those who try and suffer there way in and should be allowed in and get checked on how there living there life here for a period of time and after allow them full citizenship. As someone who had immigrant parents come here I know what it’s like to hide from police and stay under the radar also not be able to work a job you’d prefer. Those who are documents don’t even bother to work the kind of jobs so without many immigrant there wouldn’t be much help for the economy.


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