Minimum Wage Does Not Suffice
Minimum wage has significantly increased throughout the past couple of years yet people seem to be dissatisfied with the progress. The reasoning behind this is as minimum wage continues to increase so does the price of basic common human needs such as rent food and other things we need to live off of. The minimum wage is exactly what it sounds like the least amount of money that the government will give you for doing a service to satisfy the bare minimum in your life. Which raises the question, if minimum wage was covering the bare minimum why are there parents struggling to put food on the table for their children when they are making the so called satisfactory minimum wage you can live off of.

An argument for why minimum wage is enough for students and people with small financial responsibility could be that they don’t need a lot more than what covers for themself but if you look closely enough at the numbers most of the time people supporting themselves have a hard time how shall we expect a parent to provide for their children. For example let’s break down the financial hypothetical statement of a student living on their own. The average rent in california for a 1 Bed 1 Bath apartment skates near $1,218 a month according to, it is suggested that if a student is attending university part time they do not exceed more than 20 hours of work a week, minimum wage is $11.00, and an average of $250 a month for groceries for one according to Looking at the total a student will have at the end of a month assuming this student works 20 hours a week, expenses leaves them with -$588. Because being left in the negative without even paying for insurance unexpected expenses and for the rent fully is not an option, this student who is supposedly making enough to cover the basic necessities must overwork, take out loans and find means to pay for their expenses. Thus showing a rough example of how minimum wage is simply just not cutting it.

An argument for why minimum wage should not be increased is because there are many government supplements to income including food stamps, social security, and other leading programs that people can look into but just as students get overwhelmed with too many extracurriculars how can we expect someone who is struggling off to make it off of minimum wage to find the time in their day to look into programs and services to help. Yes, the websites are easy to navigate but it is a time consuming process that has specific requirements that may be hard for participants to reach. Time is of the essence for some families and so sometimes something that may seem so easy and quick to do may be hard and or nearly impossible for a struggling family to complete.

So at this point we are left asking ourselves, Who can help. These people making minimum wage are not asking for a hand out these people are asking for an opportunity to get ahead rather that barely making it by each month some families live their lives from pay period to pay period. They will never have the chance to save for a better future because they are too busy worrying about how they will provide for their families today. The people who can help would be the employers. The employers can help by looking into ways to help their employees they can look into the background of each of their employees to offer opportunities to those struggling first, if someone is struggling, a hard worker, and clearly puts effort into their work there should be some sort of set pay incentive. By having a pay incentive employees will always give their best, thus helping the companies and the struggling families will be able to be self sufficient. There is not one single straight across the board answer for solving problems when we feel as if we solved a leading issue there will always be another one that arises from that previous solution but just as we must apply all our efforts into closing this poverty stricken society, we will fix and push to stop all problems that come later on.

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