Cedrych Ramiro

Professor Ramos

English 1B 9:00AM-11:50AM

21, September 2018

Suicide and Depression

Suicide and depression has been a mainstay problem in society for a long time, but now more than ever has suicide rates been rising rapidly. More and more people, especially teenagers and young adults have begun to succumb to depression and commit suicide. Suicide is caused from depression and depression is caused in majority part by people’s hardships whether it comes from the hardships of daily outside life or inner personal problems. It is quite difficult pinpointing the exact cause and even more difficult to discover a set fix that would fix all problems of depression and suicide, but I believe that this issue can be attempted to be fixed using subtle changes that promote the world into becoming a more lighthearted and tolerable place. These changes involve everyone, and everyone has a big part to play such as the government, media, and family. It would begin small, but without knowing people would see the difference over time, if done right, years would not even have to go by without it being noticeable.

Troubleshooting each person’s cause of depression would be almost impossible. Many people out there do not even let others know that they are depressed. Many hide it behind a facade because they are too afraid of what people would think if they show who they truly are and what they are feeling. For this proposal, identifying who is affected is unnecessary but quite easy to determine. It will be assumed that everyone in society is going through something, and are unknown to everyone else but the individual, and it’s true to a large degree. This is especially true when Psychologist Jean Twenge did a research on teens and found, “I found that teens in the 2010s (compared to the mid-1980s) were 38 percent more likely to have trouble remembering, 74 percent more likely to have trouble sleeping and twice as likely to have seen a professional for mental health issues.” (Twenge) She states that teens do not even realize they are depressed when they show all the symptoms and concluded that it is like they do not even know that they have it. This identifies that the target for this proposal is almost everyone, but more specifically those who are in their early teens to young adults, who are the most prone to suicide.

The fix for this issue relies on positivity. A negative society creates negative thoughts that create negative emotions and can play hugely on a mass population of people, especially if those people are adolescents who are trying to move up in life, no one wants to be shown that the world is only harder than it already is when they are in their youth. The government can start issuing policies that make life easier such as a policy that allows education to be easier and more lenient on its students as well as having more friendly and passive transcontinental relations.  A researcher named So Young Kim backs up my claim as she stated that in one of her research “The relationship between frequency of energy drink intake and suicide attempts was analyzed using multiple logistic regression analysis with complex sampling. Results: Higher stress levels, lack of sleep, and low school performance were significantly associated with suicide attempts. These variables of high stress level, abnormal sleep time, and low school performance were also proportionally related with higher energy drink intake” (Kim) Showing that stress from education can be a potential leading cause for depression. Other factors include the media, which also plays an important part. Media nowadays features malicious ideas such as popularizing bad stories over good and wholesome stories, altering reality to create models that make people question their own looks, and create drama for viewership. If those were eliminated and media was used in a benevolent way that very few people use it for, then it would be a tremendous help in creating a society that is not so negative.

Each individual also has a part to play. It may not be as big as an impact on a mass amount of people such as the media and the government but it can be a huge part to another individual. Showing care for another person or helping them. Even simple things such as not insulting someone or not glaring at someone when you do not know what they are going through. This would have a small start but can have the potential of growing exponentially. Just as negativity is a virus, so is positivity, and if positivity and leniency replace the hardships and negativity of society, so will the negative idea of depression and suicide. And from there, more than just this issue would be fixed but many other issues have the potential of being fixed such as racism, the flawed education system, and poverty all which make the world harder on people. Yamauchi Takashi presented a research in which it showed that long work hours also causes depression as he stated “ In both sexes, the frequencies of cases attributed to “long working hours” and other events differed significantly by industry. Among cases involving compensation for suicide, 71.4% were attributed to “long working hours.” (Takashi) So it is not that if this issue is fixed that those issues will fall in place but that those issues are also the issues that cause people to become depressed. People only choose suicide because they find it easier than living, so instead of blaming it on being a disorder, blame it on the society we created and fix it to make this world more tolerable for others.

The general understanding that those in authority fail to understand is that suicide comes from depression which comes from the hardships of life, whether it is from the high expectations now placed on young adults, to having to see coworkers more than family, to the media constantly doing stories on people murdering others. If people see the world in a positive light and also feel that it is easier then everything else would fall in place. “I think the saddest people always try to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that” -Robin Williams


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