Have you heard a song with a catchy rhythm and you want to sing along to it, until you actually pay attention to the lyrics? The song Happier from Marshmello has been one of the top songs that has appeared on billboard. Billboard is where you can see how many people hear the song or download it. It was also #4 Most Streamed Artist in the World.  “Happier” has an upbeat, but until you dig into the lyrics, and you’ll hear the tale of a love that’s over before someone wants to accept it. One sometimes has to sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love.  

This song portrays a young girl that has a bond with her dog and its unbreakable. The young girl played by Miranda Cosgrove, and the dogs name is mello mostly because of the artist but either way mello has been thought it all with miranda. Throughout the music video you can see how mello has been with her through her hardships and her happy moments. Even Marshmello himself thought “The amount of emotion that you could feel in the lyrics was crazy,” he explained. As he listened to the lyrics, he recalled many things that he has been through in his life, such as toxic relationships and other complex situations.” this song was written for a person that has gone through something hard and it was hard to let go. I believe this song illustrates emotion though the whole song, pathos is one of the strongest rhetoric that is shown in the music video and lyrics.

When i read about marshmello talking about how it reminded him of a toxic relationship it made me think of mine. As a tennager everyone has that realationship that you think would last forever and think “this is the one”? I believe that everyone has to go through that at least one time in there life. When it happened to me it was in my sophomore year of high school, where i got hurt many times by this guy i thought i loved. As months went by i knew that he wasn’t the one i wanted to spend my life with. I didn’t want to live crying most of my life. So i ended the relationship, it was one of the hardest things i had to do back then because i thought he was my all, but wasn’t. I didn’t realize that letting go of something or someone would free you from the pain. But referring to the music video i to have a dog that i have been growing up with for two years now and i know that it is going to be my biggest heartbreak because you do from a bonding relationship that would hurt so much if you let go.   giphy.gif

In the beginning of the video you can see how it starts off as a rough setting, in the beginning you can see her crying at her birthday party. While kids around her weren’t really there for her, but as her father walks in the door with a box with a yellow bow inside, has left her confused but then comes out with a puppy that later names him mello, he becomes her rock and is always there for her.

You can see when she has to go to school and she is in a soccer team but when she gets picked last has made her feel bad while the other girls get picked before her. But then goes back to her house to play soccer with mello and he has his attention on her, that makes her feel wanted. But then it flashes in time when they have to take a group picture and by the looks of it, the two most popular kids on the soccer team move her out of the center. That portrays a bit of bullying as you can see during the video that she might of gone though it in the past and was never the girl to stand out. But when the cameraman tells her to smile then you again see the bullying towards miranda because she has braces.

Mello doesn’t see judgment in his eyes, but as the video goes on it gets really emotional. The dog gets diagnosed with a condition that is unfixable as the months go by mello is getting worst so they take him to the doctor, as the doctor tells them he isn’t going to live much they decided to put him down.Twenty years later the story repeats itself with miranda’s daughter.Pets or humans have to go someday, there not eternal even though we wish for that. I believe that the biggest idea Marshmello was trying to betray was that we could love something or someone so much that when it comes to a point in life where you have to say goodbye it will be hard. Even a pet, it would be hard to say goodbye because like in the video you see that mello and miranda grow up together as a small child and a pup. But the big image here is that you have to sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love and say goodbye.


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I’m using the source because it explains why Marshmello wrote the song and the meaning behind it. I think it’s credible because you get to see the insight of what the song was really about and what it had to portray.



Marshmello is making a difference in the community and supporting of ASPCA’s #Find Your Fido campaign during “Adopt a Shelter Dog”. it shows what a great person he is. He also talks about a bond, and how hard it is even though its a pet or a human. You can creating something special with someone and it could be gone in less then a second.


Using this as a credible source would show how the genre would play in the song and how it’s represented. With this source you get to see how much money and downloads you get from one song. You get to see the information behind the song in specific.