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“That all men are created equal.” This is something that is written in our Declaration of Independence and throughout history this for sure has not been the case. There has been many cases of slavery, discrimination, and racism that lies in our history books. A story that highlights these events the most would be the movie Get Out written and directed by Image result for racial equalityJordan Peele. The director is best known for his comedic role from the duo Key and Peele. His movie has big messages that most people will not even notice or think to pay any attention to for why a certain thing is being portrayed. The hidden messages are important and if really torn apart and looked into he explains the corruption our nation was in and still is due to the inequality of everyone.

When starting off the movie Rose a Caucasian woman and Chris an African American was introduced and they were a couple. They were heading up to visit her family for the week when on the way the up there they hit a deer. This was first part of the shadow storytelling that lie within the hidden messages in the movie. After Rose hits the deer, Chris had walked over to see if it was okay and as Chris begins to show empathy for the hurt animal, Rose was every cold hearted about the situation. This was just the sneak peak into the personality that lies ahead for her character. As they finally get to the parents house, her parents a well off white couple had introduce themselves. They had asked how their travels were Image result for bucksand he mentioned that they hit a deer on the way up. Dean the father had seemed to really strike an interest in the topic of how he does not care at all about deer and bucks. He then stated “Every dead deer is a win for mankind”. This was the first sign of the racism that Dean had towards African American because in post-reconstruction American the term ‘Black Buck’ was a racist slur that they had for blacks that disobeyed the orders of white men in power. Another racist incident that had happened was towards the end of the movie when Rose was eating the cereal fruit loops and a glass of milk on the side. This scene represented how racial divide is in our society. The glass of milk symbolized as white supremacy and the fruit loops stood for the people of color.

To shed light on another issue in our society would be on police brutality. The famous case of Rodney King who was a black male that was stopped after a high speed chase was viciously beaten by police officers. “Plumbing-store manager George Holliday recorded the appalling scene and sold the tape to a local television station.

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On March 5, when the Cable News Network (CNN) aired the two-minute tape, Rodney King was no longer a nobody(Worsnop).” A scene in the movie where the source of media played an important

Image result for racial equalityrole was in the middle of the movie, there was a party that Rose’s parents were having where they invited all their friends over who were all white. When Chris noticed another African American man there who he was happy to come across considering the circumstances at the time. He recognized who he was and noticed he was not the same person from what he remembered. Chris then took out his phone to take a picture of the man and the flash from the picture was able to break the trance that he was in. He then started to have erratic behaviors soon right after. The symbolic message of this scene was that in society today, media and being able to record an event that is happening Related imagesuch as police brutality can really let people see the truth during a situation of an altercation between police officers and African Americans. It also shows how media really exposed the severity of racism that still goes on today.

The most memorable seen from this movie was when Missy Rose’s mother would hypnotize Chris. Instead of hypnotizing him with a pendulum, she would drink tea and with every mix of stirring the spoon in her tea it would hit the glass which was how sheRelated image would put him in a trance by the clinking sound. The meaning of this scene was to show how white masters would have control over their slaves just by hitting their spoon on the glass whenever they needed their assistance. Knowing the meaning of how she puts people into a trance, when looking back towards the beginning of the movie their maid known as Georgina who was African American as well. She was pouring tea into Rose’s glass when Missy by accident hits her spoon on glass and the noise of the clink puts Georgina into a short trans. When it came to hypnotizing Chris she did the same thing with the glass and spoon and sent him into the sunken place. This was a significant place because it showed how people of color feel in the racist society we live in. Another embody of this event was to display that there is a huge amount of blacks that are in prison which is being parallel to modern dayRelated image

slavery. Once Chris caught on to how he was being hypnotized he began scratching at the arms of the chair that had cotton in the arm rests. This event referred back to history when African Americans would have to pick cotton in order to obey the orders of their master and to survive. This was Chris’s way of surviving because after being put into the trance one more time he was not going to wake up again. He struggled to put the cotton in his ears due to the leather restrains of the belts around his wrists and ankles. Which illustrated that when a slave would defy the orders of their Related imagemasters they would be punished by being whipped by a leather whip. “Dutch businessman Jacob Gelt Dekker opened the Kurá Hulanda hotel in 1999 and included a chamber of horrors showing African men, women, and children being whipped, hung, and tossed into the sea to drown(Ceaser). This just showed that these people would enjoy watching human lives being treated like that just for their own personal pleasure.

With all the buried notions of inequalities this movie really highlights how all these things happened to slaves throughout history and how we all strived to move away from it towards equality but it is still occurring today. “Race-centered conflicts in several U.S. cities have led to the strongest calls for policy reforms since the turbulent civil rights era of the 1960s(Katel)”. This civil right movement brought attention to the people that they are trying to stop discrimination and segregation among blacks. Jordan Peele was trying to shed light on the issues that are still happening in society. Even though all these movement for equality happened decades ago, all people are still not equal which is the point he had drawn on race and how it is still the reason of conflict today. The message of the movie is really important and deep once it is looked into at critical level. So the message for us all is that do we want to repeat history again or can we get out of this.

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