Name: Thanh Ngo

Professor Sefferino Ramos

English 1B

October 18, 2018.

My Daddy is a Liar

The success of a business depends upon the successful marketing. The competition in marketing industry is increasing rapidly when the supply of products is higher than consumer’s demand. To catch attention of the customer and then make them buy a product is not easy when the consumers already get bored with thousands of advertisements on radio, TV, or newspaper daily. Walker-Smith- President of the Marketing Firm Yankelovich said that 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s are increasing to as many as 5,000 a day today (Johnson, 2016). It means the advertisement need to be very impressive and innovative to attract audience, otherwise, people will switch to another channel. That’s why many marketers start using ethos, pathos and logos in their commercial advertising to make it unique and reach audiences’ emotions. The advertisement by MetLife- the insurance company appeals to all three.

The commercial tells about how a little girl think about her dad. A story starts with a beautiful day, on the way to school, a little girl gives her dad the essay that she wrote about him. The first sentence that she wrote is “Daddy is the sweetest daddy in the world” which makes her dad very happy. With the funny piano playing, her essay continues with many compliments for her dad who always makes her happy and feel proudly. During a first minute, commercial brings happy, peaceful scenes to audience, but the true story just starts at the sentence “But my daddy is a liar”. The happy, funny piano playing is replaced by the slow sad one, when the little girl points out the reason. The dad who has a good job, has lots of money and never feel tired with life is just make up. In fact, he is struggling to find a job and must do many heavy part-time jobs to earn money, so he can buy clothes, food and do everything for his baby girl. The little girl knows everything and decided to study hard, so she can make her daddy feel happy. At the end of her writing, she said that she knows her daddy lies because of her, so that makes her even love him much more.

The sole purpose of the commercial is to persuade people to buy insurance. At the end of the commercial, a company give out their slogan “We all have dream for our children. Share yours with us and it would become reality.” The story with the ending slogan makes people to think back how important to have a backup plan for their children because they may be in lack of financial in future. It illustrates that the poverty, the shortage of life conditions can affect to children’s future. So why don’t they just giving out the normal commercial about life insurance instead of telling a heart-touching story? The reason is to create a deeper and super emotional wallop than usual commercial so that they can attract audience and make these audience become their clients. To get people spend their money is not simple. The insurance company uses pathos and logos to help their commercial reach audience’s heart and make them start thinking about should they have an educational insurance for their kids.

The commercial advertisement impresses audience with happy, cheerful piano beat. The image of father and daughter are smiling at each other reminds the viewers about their childhood time with their parents. When the viewers are enjoying happy moments that the commercial brings to, the music theme suddenly changes to slow and sad piano playing. At the same time, truths about the father are eventually revealed. To make sure his little girl can go to school in good condition, the man sacrifices many things in his life. To protect his little girl’s smile, the man disguises his tiredness, his sacrifices from his daughter. Those images with sad theme song make audience feel sorry, sad, or even tears them down; this is called pathos. The commercial wants to touch the audiences’ feeling, makes them feel sad, sorry, and then thinking about their own children. Besides the piano playing, the commercial also use the daughter’s voice to present the story. By narrative words of a little girl, the commercial boosts audiences’ emotion to higher level.

To help the commercial make more sense, MetLife also uses logos. The commercial points out the fact that every parent want to give the best things for their children. They want their children to have best shelter, best upbringing, education, as well as best life. Indeed, to ensure kids will have brilliant future, parents will be willing to sacrifices many things. Although sometimes, they may have to face with many difficulties, they still try to do their best to protect their beloved kids. In the advertisement, the father concealed his daughter that he was hungry, tired and had to do many part-time jobs to earn money for her future. Additionally, the commercial also point out another logic which is being parent is not easy. To become a good parent, people need to experience complex process which includes physical, mental, financial and intellectual aspects. With unpredictable things in life, people cannot know how far they can go on the road of taking care their children. Having someone to share responsibility of taking care children is the information that MetLife want to inform. To prepare a better future for children, parents should invest in education which will be easier with an education insurance from MetLife. By using logics and facts about what parents can do for their children, the commercial makes audiences feel connected and engaged. People who are parents will understand deeply how hard they need to deal with life struggles to protect their kids. Every parent wants their children have better life than themselves, especially with the poor family. No need to use magnifying methods, MetLife takes advantage of the facts in family life to create the heart-touching advertisement.

The commercial ends with sentence “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice. Pursue more from life”. It illustrates the value of education. With hundreds of insurance commercials in market, MetLife has been successful on creating a commercial that touches feelings of audience. It got over 15 million viewers on Youtube and people described it as one of the most touching advertisement ever published (Kelly). By using music and image effects (pathos) as well as the facts about parent’s responsibilities (logos), the commercial breaks the receptor’s heart. To help children finish higher educational level and achieve their dream, parents may find it’s difficult, but with MetLife they will not be alone. Children are seed of the world’s future. Giving good education for children means people are contributing to develop the nation’s growth. Specialized knowledge and technical skills will lead to higher incomes, greater productivity and generation of valuable ideas (Bernasek, 2015). To create a better world, people should create a better generation.

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