The dramatic story of a young child that is misunderstood, has been told over time for many years now. The story that is  rarely ever told is from the child’s own voice and the pain that they suffered. In today’s society, suicide and self harm have become a number one solution to troubled kids everywhere. They feel that the struggles and the hardships they are going through are so bad and unbearable they look for a way to escape. People judge these kids for their actions or their differences, when we should be telling them those differences are what make them beautiful. This song by Pink shows people that you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Fuck what society says and standout in your most unique way possible. Suicide or self harm is never the solution in any case.

The piece I chose to analyze is the song Fu**ing Perfect by Pink. In this video it’s the life story of a young girl who has always expressed herself in ways that are seen as inappropriate or unfit for a young lady. When she is maybe 6 years old she fights a boy for throwing her favorite toy down. To the teacher all she saw was this young girl acting out and not following the rules so she is punished for her actions and looked down at. When the girl is about 13 she wears certain clothes and makeup to express herself and show people who she really is. Her mom did not agree with these views at all. Her parent forces her to dress and act the way she wants to and doesn’t give a second thought about how her daughter might feel about it. These small events start to slowly shape the young girls mind set. Meanwhile the song sings about how this girl struggles through so much and always looks down on herself. For example one line states, “You’re so mean, when you talk, about yourself you were wrong, Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead.. (song lyrics).” This girl was told to change who she was and act how society wanted her to act and for awhile she followed in line.

The girl began to spiral out of control using drugs to cope with issues she was having at school, she was starving herself so she could look as skinny as the other girls at school. All so she could “fit in” with everyone else in our society. Once she was at her final end she sat in the bathtub ran the water and began to cut herself with a razor blade, cutting the word “perfect” into her arm. The song starts to say, “Why do I do that? (song lyrics),” This scene and these lyrics are placed perfectly making it see as if the girl is questioning why she is putting herself through this pain? The song screams “your fucking perfect to me” as she goes through this realization that you don’t have to fit into this small box to be perfect or to be accepted. The girl grows to embrace her pain and put it into something she loves most dear to her, her artwork. Through this action she embraces her true self and even is shown someone who loves her for her. She then passes on her childhood bear to her daughter as she sings “you are perfect to me..”. This symbolizes that she has accepted everything that has happened and is now sharing it with someone who might need it next.

In this video and song the narrator is trying raise awareness to self harm and suicide that has spread in mass numbers throughout our society. An article states that, “ Around 1.4 million in the United States alone are estimated to attempt suicide every year. (GMA)” The amount of suicide, self harm and attempted suicides have drastically jumped with each new generation. People are being lead to believe that they are not worthy any love or happiness in this life. They have voices in their heads that tell them that they are worthless and that they are a burden to everyone they love. Which makes them stay to themselves, allowing those toxic thoughts take over their mind.  With this song and video its telling people “Hey! This is a big issue and something needs to change!” An article explains that, “10th leading cause of death in this country, suicide is an increasing health concern and a growing issue among young people in particular.(Murray)” It has become natural to our society to accept these statistics and to keep moving forward. People should be dying of natural cause not because they felt they had to end everything themselves.

This music video allows you to see inside of the mind of a troubled girl who wants to desperately fit in because, if she doesn’t she is judge for not fitting the criteria. While the song motivates you to stand strong and no matter how bad you may talk about yourself you are wrong! Both of these do exercise with the pathos of the main point. They play with the audiences emotions, getting you to feel sorry for the girl whos lived a hard life. Getting you to feel her pain making every image so graphic seeing the pain in her face as she cuts herself. Seeing her mouth the sound owe , you hold your arm as if it’s your arm being cut getting you to think how terrible that must be. The listeners can hear the pain in pinks voice and how much passion she puts into every word. Making you feel more for this character and thinking about self harm and suicide in general. Having you question why this isn’t at the top of your todo list to make a change?

Self harm and suicide are a major issue that begins to increase more and more everyday. This music video and song help us see that there is a way for people to get through these dark thoughts. We just have to be aware and fight our hardest to put an end to it all. Be there for your loved ones and dont judge others for not being able to conform to this small image that society deems acceptable. It’s time for us to break that mold and make our own perfect marks on society. Next time you think about suicide or have a loved one that might be thinking of it tell them they are “Fucking perfect just the way they are.”

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