Matthew Zuniga

Prof. Ramos


18 October 2018

Marvin’s Room

We have all been in relationships at one point in our lives. We have encountered people who either benefit us for the better or drag us down into toxicity. But have you ever dated that specific person who was just too good for you and managed to get away? Drake is no stranger to that as he confesses his true inner feelings in his song “Marvin’s Room”. Aubrey Graham, better known by his stage name “Drake”, is arguably one of the most popular rappers of this generation. With five studio albums, his own record label “OVO Sound”, and awarded multiple Grammys, Drake is continually grinding to the top. He’s quickly becoming one of the most prominent rappers of this generation and achieving new heights. His status in the rap game has him potentially competing with legends like Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Etc. His second album “Take Care”, blew his competition off the charts. His many hit songs touched his fans emotionally with his sympathetic, lonesome and even bitter lyrics. “Drake who anchors the songs with an emotional mellow croon that cannily blurs the borders between sweet, bitter and blue. While Take Care’s emo-rap won’t set fire to dance floors, hip-hop this soulful, smart and diverse tends to blaze its own trail.” (Gunderson) With Marvin’s Room, among one of the most popular songs in his album, he was able to incorporate Ethos, Pathos, and Logos into one song that carved an emotional response that correlates to us and our past love lives.

Drake starts off the song with a phone call with a mysterious woman on the other line. He begins to ask her questions about her motives and what her intentions were for the night. She then grows delirious from her intoxication and cuts him off the line. As the verse starts “Cups of the Rose, Bitches on my old phone, I should call one and go home. I’ve been in this club too long, the woman that I would try, is happy with a good guy.” After the phone call, Drake himself is delirious from all the drinks of Rose. He begins to go through his phone contacts and call women with past sexual relations with to have a one night stand. Drake felt the need to make himself temporarily happy after a failed attempt to try to win the woman back who is better off with a new man. Drake then expresses in the chorus, “Fuck what N*gga that you love so bad, I know you still think about the times we had, I say fuck that n*gga that you think you found. And since you picked up I know he’s not around.” Drake starts to get resentful at the fact that the woman he loved so dearly has moved on but still convincing himself that her feelings toward him are still the same. The woman on the other line then says “Are you drunk right now?” Drake starts to get more desperate and vulnerable at the moment. He then pleads to her “I’m just sayin’ you could do better, Tell me have you heard that lately, I’m just sayin’ you could do better, And I’ll start hating only if you make me.” He begins to guilt trip her on why she ended up with a guy who was not on Drake’s level. This is a tactic Drake used to get into the woman’s head to even question herself and make her doubt her current relationship.

In Drake’s third verse he opens up even more emotionally and becoming more desperate and vulnerable at a last attempt to win her back. Drake begins to realize that fame has changed everything for him. In one of his verses “I don’t think I’m conscious of making monsters outta the women I sponsor till it all goes bad but shit its all good.” He was not aware of turning girls who are relatively nice and down to earth girls into the ones who are hungry for money, power and fame. Once he has shown them this side of his life, they become “monsters” to him and become the type of girl that Drake never wanted.   Due to his lifestyle of living in the fast lane, he has failed to find genuine love in his attempts of meeting many women during his fame. Drake seemed very bitter at this point as he begins to brag about his lavish lifestyle as he says “We threw a party yeah we threw a party, bitches came over yeah, we threw a party” He intended to make the woman jealous of his womanizing status where it gets to the point where he pays the women to be around him. “I got some women that’s living off me, paid for their flights and hotels I’m ashamed, Bet that you know them I won’t say no names, After a while girl they all seem the same, I’ve had sex four times this week I’ll explain, having a hard time adjusting to fame.” Drake has become so deluded and drowned in fame that he lost sight on what was real. My theory is that Drake and the woman fell off as his career started to arise. With increased notoriety, people can get tempted into greed, lust, and power. He lost something genuine and is trying to find it through one night stands, partying, and drinking. Realizing that wasn’t the solution, he resorts a late night phone call while at the club proclaiming “I was just calling ‘cause they were just leaving, Talk to me please don’t have much to believe in I need you right now, are you down to listen to me.” It is rational to think that Drake has never lost feelings for this woman. He felt a sense of guilt and is pleading her back through a phone call. With alcohol in his system, he was prone to saying things who would later regret the next morning. True intentions come out when you are intoxicated as he says “Sprite in that mixture, I’ve been talking crazy girl I’m lucky that you picked up, Lucky that you stayed on, I need someone to put this weight on.” As the song ends, Drake fails to get the woman at the end of the night with drake saying “Your not gon’ come? Guess I’m bout to just kick it here then”

Marvin’s Room is a song that appeals to our emotional side because lot of pathos was used in the lyrics. Drake appealed using his emotions to get the listener to feel how he felt when he was hung up on his ex. After listening to this song I was somewhat emotional afterwards as it got me thinking of my past relationships. But over time and after multiple times of listening to it, Marvin’s Room become one of my favorite songs of all time. Reading the lyrics over and over again made it seem more of a lesson than a mistake. Ethos was also appealed in the song because Drake is trying to convince us not to make mistakes he made like calling your ex at the middle of the night because it will only lead you nowhere. You end up more hurt and more miserable before over a measly phone call. One night stands and drinking your problems away are not a good way to fix the mess. Although his song was all based on is emotions, Drake also taught us that it’s okay to feel heartbreak and to go out and have a good time. But rather use the heartbreak as more of a learning experience to love somebody better in the future. Logos was also in part of play as well. “The song went viral and was performed by everyone from amateur singers to Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, all of whom posted their own versions to YouTube. “Marvin’s Room” went on to be certified gold, reaching No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 with little promotion.” (Diehl). When Marvin’s room came out in 2011, the song appealed to many young audiences such as myself as Drake became a cultural icon after the release of Take Care. With 5 Studio Albums out, featured in many songs and multiple endorsements, Drake is cementing his legacy of becoming on the most prominent rappers of this generation.





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