Jessica Le

Sefferino Ramos

1B, 9 O’clock

16, November 2018

Dying from Beauty

Female sex demons have been around since the dawn of folklore. They can be found in cultures all over the world; India has the “yakshini,” Arabia has the “qarinha,” Native Americans have the “deer woman,” China has the “mogwai,” and Greece has “Lamia.” It’s impossible to know which of these legends came first. Most likely, they all evolved separately around the same time, which is the medieval time.  Coinciding with the monster body theory. In this theory, the succubus was create from the idea of women seducing men in the medieval times during witch hunts and sometimes harmed the men that they lured in as a form of self defence. The succubus represents the idea that also goes hand in hand with the ideas of that day, the deadly sin of lust.

Originated from folklore legend, is a female demon that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state, or even death. Since demons cannot reproduce on their own, the Succubi and Incubi work together to produce offspring. Succubi collect semen from their trysts with men, then pass the semen off to Incubi, who use it to impregnate women. When the child called a “cambion” is born, it will have demonic characteristics, thanks to the touch of the Succubus and Incubus. The idea came from the medieval times when women targeted by the witch hunts lured in their captors in a form of self defence and sometimes even inflicted harm that killed some men after luring them in, creating the lore of succubus in those days, originating from the lore of witches. Eventually the idea and belief spread widely around the world as well as in religious institutions who added this lore into their religious beliefs and stories.


The demons have intense charisma and seductive power to match their good looks. They are clever creatures who can tantalize men with their words as much as their bodies since mens are prone to falling in for any sexual desires.“No gender differences were revealed, except for dyadic sexual desire for an attractive person, for which men reported higher scores.” (Moyano) These succubus can be domineering and vengeful if they are slighted, but they ultimately take pride in their ability to please and manipulate men. As shown in the story “From Succubus” “Without a word she brought him coffee. And with her own cup in hand went and sat down, coughing, in front of the television set. Rather reluctantly, he mumbled out a thank you. And without lifting his eyes, folded the newspaper. And turned immediately to the next page. And found himself gazing at the face and the nakedness of a little girl with black hair who smiled an artificial smile beneath an article about fashion design. Although her hair and makeup were meant to be seductive, she was nevertheless still childlike, still just a little girl.” The representation of their body is the symbol of the religious belief of the Seven Deadly Sins. On top of the other deadly sins, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Pride, Gluttony, and Envy; Lust places itself amongst them as the idea of excessive sex and sex as a source of evil when abused and when an individual’s lust consumes them into also lusting over many different men or women. This is shown in the succubus when the source of their powers and ability is the luring in and having sex with many people to take their energy for themselves. Of course, also being known as one of the demons in the church, the succubus also inhibits the other deadly sins such as the gluttony and greed of taking so much energy from many different men and also the wanting for eternal life through their powers. Although they are still the true representation of lust at its core because of the idea of what their power is.

To this day many of the succubus story are still known. Making a modern appearance in the media. One movie for instance is a moderately new movie called “But Deliver Us From Evil.” directed by Joshua Coates.  In the movie Lilith, also known as the succubus, who tempts men with their own sexual desires uses this tool to entrap her male victims. Her wrath is slowly revealed through numerous murders of men throughout the city but to ensure her complete and total dominance she must eliminate any potential opposition, that opposition happens to be that prominent church leader. His name Pastor Robert J. Knight. Lilith eventually infiltrates the Pastors life causing him to succumb to his own temptation.

Also represented in a classic movie “Nightmare Sisters” directed by David DeCoteau. The representation of the succubus in the movie is when the three sorority sisters and the guys are on the verge of leaving when the girls try to liven things up by holding a séance. The crystal ball they use at the séance is cursed and causes the girls to become possessed by a succubus.The suddenly sexy girls share some pie and a bath and then set out to seduce and murder their guests. The girls take on new personas to help them trap their prey. The succubus is a good demon in that instead of just blatantly being aggressive and murdering men left and right, she lures in men by giving them one of the most sought after pleasure in society, sex. I personally don’t believe that succubi and incubi are anything more than one’s mental projections, thought forms. However, is it a legit question on an occult forum. Some serious occultists do try to perfect the projection of thought forms, which would include the projection of succubi. Kenneth Grant has written on this and provided relevant instructions for attracting a succubus. The practice of thought form projection is a component of development of consciousness and self-knowledge about consciousness wherein one learns how to be a master rather that the victim of one’s own daily spontaneously arising neuroticism thoughtforms and mindstuff. I believe that the succubus is also a good demon in that it is something that can be a monster that it very real in the real world. She may not exist as a demon but there are women in this world who lure men using their bodies to gain something from them and it can be seen as some sort of representation towards prostitution as many prostitutes may live off the money they make from giving their services, or in other words, their bodies. The act of copulation may not kill the man they lure in but the idea behind them taking the energy from the man may not be so far off as copulation does tend to tire out the man in the act, adapting that idea into the mythology behind the seductress.


The Succubus is not a demon to be underestimated. She is a powerful seductress who loves nothing more than to toy with men. The monster body representation of the seven deadly sins, lust and greed being her main sin. This representation is also the characteristic that this demon brings out in humans. The human males outward showing of lust and the need for the pleasures that is sex. Coinciding with the her origin time period, like many monsters she was made under the idea of fear and suspicion and eventually that same idea made it canonically into the church who incorporated the monstrous demon into its stories of heaven and hell. The part that makes the succubus such a dangerous monster to humans is that she gives what men want only to have that want turn into something horrible.


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