One monster that only few might know of is La Llorona. La Llorona translates to the weeping women in english. This is a Mexican myth that is told by parents to their children. They often use this story to keep their children from staying out to late. The story of  La Llorona is that a woman was scored by a past lover of hers that left her with two children all by herself. One day while her and her children were walking by a river, she saw her old lover with a new women and child. This infuriated her so much she threw her babies both in the river drowning them. Once she had realized what she had done it was already too late to save them, both babies were dead. She then jumped into the water with the intention of dying to be with her children forever. It is said when she got to the gates of heaven and was asked about her children’s whereabouts she was denied enter because she did not know. She was then condemned to spend the rest of eternity searching for her children on earth. Now be warned although that is a touching story it is not over yet. People say La Llorona wanders the earth near rivers in search of her children, often crying “Ay mis hijos.” Be warned if you see her or hear her cries run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. If she finds children that look like hers she cries for their forgiveness and drowns them in hope of replacing them for her lost children.

When I was first told this myth I was only 8 years old. Me and my older cousins were all in my swimming pool and it was getting really late so my aunt told us to go inside but, like any defiant child we said no and begged for more time. Instead of yelling my aunt sat with us and asked if we had ever heard of La Llorona. Clueless we all had no idea what she was talking about so we sat in awh listening to her story. When my aunt told us the story she said La Llorona would wander any type of body water outside. By the end of this we were all climbing out of the pool racing to the door not wanting to be the last kid in. The main point of this myth was to scare kids in Mexico and Guatemala, from staying out to late.

There aren’t many books out on La Llorona in America because this is a myth from our neighbor next door. Though we have had many different interpretations of the myth in movies. The movies go all the way back to 1933 starting with the first movie called “La Llorona”. In 2006 they create one called “The Wailer”. And in 2007 a new version came out called “The Cry”. The big news that has been buzzing though is the new “La Llorona” movie that is coming our very soon. The difference between all these movies and interpretations of the movies is their authenticity of the myth and the characters. The movie that is coming out very soon is getting a lot of backlash from the media about its authenticity of its actors. So many people were excited about the new version coming out, with all of society’s new technology and advanced video screens the movie would be incredible. On the other hand many people are outraged with the fact that there is no mexican actors. Some fans commenting “Where are all the mexicans at..” on twitter. Fans are frustrated with the fact that the actors aren’t natives to Mexico and when they say their lines in spanish you know that isn’t their first language. For past movies this wasn’t much of an issue that was focused on but, with the different issues breaking out in our society about mexican immigrants no giving any type of human rights whatsoever. With this issue the fact that the movie is filled with non hispanic descents the is just another thing people think “white” people are trying to take from them. The fact that America wants nothing to do with mexicans but, use and admire much of mexicans culture or in this case folklore. La Llorona is such a cultural based myth a lot of natives take it to heart when it isn’t being provided in the right light. Some go as far as saying “stop whitewashing Mexican culture..” the amount of backlash on social media goes on and on. They want what they see is fit for a real Mexican myth movie.

La Llorona is a myth that will definitely keep your kids in their beds at night. La Llorona is a unknown monster for many people but for those who do know the store shake to their very core. The talk of her face and the chills of her cry’s will scary you just thinking about it all. She is looked at as a monster for the horrible acts she committed and that she will commit if she finds you lurking around. If you hear “Ay mis hijos” Run!

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