The year is 1888 in a place called the east end of London in the Whitechapel district that was mainly known to be an area with the tendency for violence and crime amongst the backdrop of poverty. During this time a lot of murders had come about in this town that had the public shaking in their boots. The only thing that was said about the murder was that he was a madman with no motive. This killer that was never found or even had close to the main suspect for the murders there came about the name for the killer that was then called Jack The Ripper. He or she had brutally murder amongst 5 women prostitutes and claimed to have killed 6 more people but there was no proof that it was. Jack the Ripper has mostly been identified as the most infamous serial killer of all times, hundreds of suspects have been aimed toward this case and have baffled investigators and Ripperologists(yes that’s a real thing) for over a 100 years and still, no one has come about the identity of the killer.

As the murder of Whitechapel had started to come about there were some connections to all of them even if they didn’t know each other. One of the main simpler traits of the murder victims was that all 5 of them were prostitutes trying to make a living because there was poverty in that area so anything to make money people will do. There was 5 main victims that were killed by the ripper and 6 others that could or not be from the killer. The victims were called the Canonical Five which were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly. Now coming from a killer how is unknown and there is technically no possible way to assume that these victims were killed by the Ripper, but there is. Strangely enough, the Ripper wanted to have his “work” be recognized by the police. So what he did was on all the victims he or she would slice their throats, disemboweled, and brutally stab the victim so the body could not be recognized. Now that wasn’t the only reason how the police knew the victims were killed by the Ripper. Another main point was that the killer would send letters or disturbing information what the killer will do to his next victim and who he will do it. According to Beth Fisher’s article called “How the press created Jack the Ripper” stated that “it was hard to track the letters because other people would fake letters of the killer so it was hard to tell what was real or not”. One letter had stood out more than the rest which was the letter sent to the police saying it was from Hell.

Jack the Ripper was and still is to this day the world’s famous serial killer. What’s strange is that he has only technically killed 5 people which is not a lot when comparing to other known serial killers. What made him so famous and known was that no one including the police had never found the killer nor anything close to who the killer was. One of the main things that could help solve the murders and the legend killer of that time but did not exist at the time was the development of forensics. During the murders, they all were close by streets on different days mainly on weekends and holidays. According to Josh Clark on his article called “How Jack the Ripper Work” cited that “theories have come across to believe that the killer was someone who works regularly near the scenes of the murders or a well educated upper-classman or woman who targeted people of the lower class”. Many assumptions have been made that the killer was a doctor of some sort due to how the victims were killed. Now since the killer was never found there has been of course multiple suspects for DNA testing of that time to very thought out assumptions. The main factors of the majority of the suspect to be the killer was that they all had mental illnesses, were pedophiles or even had a hatred for women.


One of the most popular questions to ever be asked about Jack the Ripper was that why was the killer never found and why is the case unsolvable. According to Richard Jones article called “JACK, THE RIPPER-1888” claims that “Jack the Ripper may have been one of the bloodiest mysteries in the world of serial killers”. The killer was never found on multiple accounts and for several reasons but some are more important than others. One main reason that the killer was never cause was the lack of evidence. In that time there was no equipment to catch murders like we have today so police in that time would have to go off evidence, clues, and witnesses. Since no one had witnessed the murders of the 5 women there were no witnesses to help find who the killer was. They couldn’t do the thing we do today like blood test and fingerprints on crime scenes so it is very difficult to find this killer. The last thing that made it incredibly hard to find the killer was how the killer left his or her victims. The victims that were found were insanely and brutally murder to the point that the bodies of the victims could not be identified. Also, the suspect could never be claimed as the alleged “Ripper” because they simply did not have enough proof to do so. Yet there have been many accounts of suspects being the killer none of them were claimed a’s the killer.

So nowadays there people that can’t get away with murder due to the technology we have to catch the killers and yes it is still very scary to have killers amongst us in this time but it is definitely more intense and scary to be in a time like when Jack the Ripper was roaming around the streets of Whitechapel. People will say that yes it is scary but they don’t know how scary it can be if you think long and hard about it. Jack the Ripper is a monster and a scary person believe it or not. He or she did not just kill 5 women for no reason, there was planning behind it. He would take women’s lives away and brutally stab and disimbole them because they were just trying to get by and prostitution was there only way to survive in a time like that for those women. He had sent letters to the police telling them what he will do to the next victim and laugh about it. He even went as far as claiming to eat one of these organs and use their blood as ink to send letters to the police. Lastly one of the scariest things to think about in that time was that he was never caught so the people of Whitechapel had the knowledge of what this man or woman could do and he or she is roaming the streets and no one knows who it is.

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