727DB8D9-9809-453E-A1A0-9B72ECE3A235A psychopath definition is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violence social behavior who has no remorse or regrets. Albert fish known as Halmitlon Howard would plan every move of the children and never felt the consequence for his actions.  He would pray on young boys like one would pray on it’s fest. But not only was he the only one in his family they had a mental illness, his family had a history of mental issues. He hasn’t wasn’t locked up in a mental hospital because he wasn’t considered insane, he had many psychiatric traits.

Albert was diagnosed as a psychopath thought out his life. His father died when he was was 5 and his mother worked  worked too much to support him so he was sent to an orphanage in Washington. He got out at the age of 12 because his mother worked for the government. When reading more about him I found out that at the orphanage “They would rip off his clothes and whip him while the other students watched. Psychologists believe that his later behavior—torturing his victims to death—was his way of forcing the same pain he had endured onto others” I do believe that this could be part of why he like the torture and would make his partners spank him with wooden spoons or a pandel with needles.  He also commented to the police that he would stick needles in his body because the pain was pleasing to him. An x-ray determined that he placed needles into the region between his anus and scrotum, and at least 29 needles were discovered.
Since then, he had a relationship with a young boy that introduced him to the practice where you would drink urine and eat feces. In his early childhood he became a male prostitute I would send a horrifying letters to Dating agency and would harass young boys. Later on, his mother married him to wife (Anna) that left him with six kids and would feed them raw meat at times. When she left him, everyone thinks that “It was this rejection and betrayal that seemingly triggered a much darker side in Fish” after he made a relationship with a 19 year old male, he goes on to torture him for two weeks eventually he died.

When he turned 58 he made and ad where he was looking for young boys to work at his farm. When he got a response from Edward buddy he had a plan to lure him far from his home and murder him, but when met with the family in Manhattan and introduce himself to the whole family things changed. When meeting the youngest family member (Gace budd) he was on a new mission, he wanted to murder her instead. So when he got enough trust from the family, he got grace to go to a family party with him. But he did not really take her to the family party, he ended up taking her to a house he had picked out for her brother. When getting there he went upstairs got undressed and choke her to death then mutilating her into pieces. After six years the family of Grace budd heard from her, but in a disturbing letter.

FF32A46D-370F-47A3-A70E-386AB989A830Later on, when the cops catched him, he was sentenced to the death penalty in the electoral chair, they say that Fish was looking forward to that day and that they had to give him two big shockes for him to die because of the needles he had inside him.

When Halmition was born his father was 75, that being said I believe that with the history of mental illness from his family had to do with the affect he had growing up.
In interviews with the police, Fish confessed, “I made a stew out of (a victim’s) ears—nose—pieces of his face and belly. I put onions, carrots, turnips, celery, salt, and pepper. It was good.” In conclusion I believe that many points in Fish’s life brought him to the point of where he became a cannabinol and became one of the biggest murders that ever came about. The biggest cause was the history of mental illness that his family had, it has a huge part of life when it comes to having a child at 75 like his father as well, being that age is a huge risk of having your child with difficulty in the brain development.

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Use it some audio gives you more of a chance to see what they went though because of pictures they post, it becomes more realistic to the audience. I believe it’s credible because you get to see other details that the other two articles couldn’t explain.