One of the biggest mysteries regarding the famous serial killer known Jack the Ripper of the 1800s was that no one knows who he or she was. Jack The Ripper had brutally murder amongst 5 women prostitutes and claimed to have killed 6 more people but there was no proof that it was. The Ripper has mostly been identified as the most infamous serial killer of all times, hundreds of suspects have been aimed toward this case and have baffled investigators and Ripperologists for over a 100 years and still, no one has come about the identity of the killer. Since there is no identity confirming the killer there has never been a reason behind the murders he or she has committed so there is no probable cause. Having no probable cause toward the victims is one of the great mysteries of the infamous serial killer but not a lot of people have disused the effects of the murders. Since there are no causes of the killings and the whole topic about Jack the ripper is explained about the murders in details there has been any real discussion upon the effects after the murders and the fact that the killer was never found and it was still amongst them in that time. The effects of the killer include the social conditions of the town of Whitechapel after the murders that impacted the society, how Jack the Ripper also had an immediate effect on London by exposing the existence of the poverty-stricken lower classes, the legacy of Jack the Ripper in the never lasting interest in the case, and how the evolution of crime investigation was influenced by the killer and others. The effects of the killer are difficult to point out and explain but there is effects that come up like these.

One of the major and the most noticeable effect of the killer was how the murder served as a force for change. The infamous killer of Whitechapel acted for a force of change for different reasons. The town of Whitechapel was not a rich town or even a commonwealth town. Whitechapel was indeed a poor town. Jack get away with the murders because of it. Basically, the town helped him or her commit the crimes he or she committed since the town was underdeveloped. According to Richard Jones article claims that “The town didn’t have any lights at night so it made it easier for the killer to kill”. Darkness was an advantage so no one knew who it was. The effect that was made out of this was that it made the public more aware of the community they live in and that back then it was not safe to Rome the streets at night. A factor of this was the newspaper reports on the killings in the town. The people became at large and aware of the conditions of Whitechapel. The change of the town came from the people, it made the town more of a developed place to live. The town was a hotbed of vice and villainy, but that’s why the change came about.

Next effects caused by the killer was how Jack the Ripper symbolized to the wealthier citizens in London. During the period around where the killings took place was a period of great “political upheaval. Around the 1880s there was a very large amount of unrest that settled upon the city of London. At this time the people looked at the east end of London because there were parts of the population that were showing strong feeling in their criticisms of living conditions that were apart of that area. It was claimed by Richard Jones article called “Jack the Ripper 1888” that “Jack the Ripper turned up at just the right time and in just the right place” This statement many goes to the ones who lived in the wealthier areas of London. Jack the Ripper came to represent all of the nebulous fears and prejudices that were forming in the people’s minds about the east end where the killings were. Jack the Ripper supposedly crossed the line when he murdered the first victim in London, but it was not just any line that was crossed. There was a psychological line that was in the minds of the middle class and higher class of London. It was made clear to the middle and upper-class people the Jack the ripper can come to their part of London and cross the line in their part of town and that’s what made all the people fear the Ripper. So in theory Jack, the Ripper symbolized all the fears that have come from the wealthier citizens. The killer had very efficiently scared the people of being a living breathing nightmare.

One effect that didn’t really catch a lot of people’s attention was how the killer actually help the evolution and helped change police investigative techniques. It may have crossed some people’s minds but not many. According to Josh Clark’s article named “How Jack the Ripper Worked” claims that “the story of Jack the Ripper mainly focused on the killer and his victims”. There were not very many discussions on the police work because it was many focused on Jack. The only discussion about the police were the letters sent by the killer and other anonymous people,  and suspects targeted and interviewed about the victims but there was never any leads to who the killer was. Since the killings happened over 130 years there was basically nothing to help police and investigators track down criminals. All they had back then were a clue, thoughts, and possible witnesses and that is nothing compared to what we have today. In the world we live in now there are multiple different ways to catch a Killer and investigator could just need a fingerprint or a strand of hard to find who the killer is and track down them and bring them to justice. Jack the Ripper help with the evolution of crime investigation due to the fact that there was a killer on the foot and there was no evidence in finding the infamous killer. That helped infused all the techniques we have today in an investigation.

There’s is actually a very big effect from Jack the Ripper had left behind for the future. That of course was the legacy of Jack the Ripper in the never lasting interest in the case. Surprising to say is that there are still people to this day that are interested and fascinated by the killer called Jack the Ripper. It crazy to think that there is still an interest for the killer that killed over 130 years ago. The big factor of the fascination is that the killer was never found. So a lot of people nowadays will still try to figure out who the killer was and why he or she killer the women of Whitechapel. This ridiculous fascination goes as far as having a name for people how research still about Jack the Ripper. According to John Smith Keys article called “So, you want to be a Ripperologist” states “The name of someone how to study the killer is called a Ripperologist”. That’s just not the only thing that is made now a days that talks about Jack the Ripper there are even books on the killer and even there was a video game released 2 years ago called assassins creed that was set in the time of the killer and even went as far as making missions based on Jack The Ripper and how you investigate to find the killer. So it’s ridiculous that people 130 years later still learn about the killer since its a very old case that was never solved.

In conclusion after doing the research of the effects of the infamous Jack the Ripper it had been made clear that the effects left by him or made by him were in fact that The effects of the killer include the social conditions of the town of Whitechapel after the murders that impacted the society, how Jack the Ripper also had an immediate effect on London by exposing the existence of the poverty-stricken lower classes, the legacy of Jack the Ripper in the never lasting interest in the case, and how the evolution of crime investigation was influenced by the killer and others. There is a little more that comes from this monster which is the monster theory behind the killer. The theories that apply to Jack the Ripper are Theory number 2 which is “The monster always escapes”, Theory 5 “The monster polices the borders of the possible”, and Theory 6 “ Fear Of the monster is really a kind of desire”. The way “the monster always escapes” applies to Jack The Ripper is quite simple. Jack the Ripper is one of those classic monsters that always gets away dead or alive since no one found how he or she is. Next theory that applies to Jack is that the monster polices the borders of the possible. It applies to the killer because He or she resits to be captured. Throughout the killer’s story, it is discussed that the killer was never found or even a close to finding someone who did it. Last theory 6 which is fear Of the monster is really a kind of desire applies to killer drastically. According to the theory the monster attack which means people become fascinated by the monster. There are books, articles, a game and multiple theories on this monster so it is a desired creature of the night.  Word Count: 1605

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