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When we think of a monster we think of a big scary, hair creature with sharp teeth and fangs, never do we imagine the blue eyed blonde standing in the corner. In Houston, Texas this was their monster that lived with them that they never expected. A young woman, Susan Wright murdered her husband one night by stabbing him over 200 times. The coroner says it is only an estimated number because some wounds look as if they were gone over repeatedly in the same spot over and over again. The night of the murder it is said that Susan Wright tied up her husband to the bed while he was sleeping and got on top of him as if read to engage in intercourse but, instead she pulled a knife out and began to stab her husband over and over. Susan then heard a knock at their bedroom door, she opened the door and it was one of their little boys that had woken up to all the screaming. She put her child back to bed then returned to the murder, like nothing had stopped her in the process of the whole thing. Once she finally finished she bared her husband’s dead body in the backyard.

I believe one of the causes that lead Susan to this gruesome and horrific murder of her husband was the fact that he used to beat her. To their friends and family they were this loving and happy couple, that lived your traditional american life style. Little did they know the abuse that took place behind closed doors. Susan told domestic violence investigator that her husband was outraged and rammed her into a wall. The investigator said that she had visible signs of domestic abuse. With the alleged physical abuse she would go through when he went on his rage outbreaks. Susan had only reported one abuse to the police, this was the only documented abuse that she had physical proof of. The countless of abuse she probably had to endure until it finally pushed her to her breaking point. Susan had been pushed to the limit physically she possibly could have finally gotten tired of the constant fear and saw no other way out. In her mind because this abuse was her life routine the only way out was to end the problem. Any physical abuse like that could drive anyone over the cliff.

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The safety and well being of children to their mother is always their main priorities. One of the question that could have run through her head thousands of times is will he beat my children next? How can I protect them when i can barely protect myself? If Susan’s husband was beating her, what was stopping him  from beating the kids. In the movie the blue eyed butcher Susan’s husband ends up backhanding his son for not being a man and keeping his hands up in a play fight. The effect of this is he splits his sons lip open, looking in the face of the actress playing susan you see this light in her eyes changed. Imagine watching the man you fell in love with hurt the child you two created. If Susan saw any harm or thought any harm could come to her children, in her mind it was how she was gonna protect them. In her head she was protecting her kids from any type of harm, even from their own father. Any person seeing their child hurt by a man you thought you loved could turn anyone into a cold hearted monster.

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The last cause the lead Susan wright to the horrific murder of her husband is the stress and overwhelming in her head and society. Through interviews with detectives many people said that Susan was this perfect cookie cutter wife that always had everything perfect and made it look like it was nothing. The amount of stress that she must have went through having to make sure her house was perfect and dinner was on the table waiting for him to get home in fear of the consequences. With all that stress and worry about everything and the fear for yourself will finally push your brain to its absolute limits. If she didn’t have all this stress and pressure to be perfect all the time she might not have gone to such drastic and tragic measures to protect herself. With all that weight she was bound to crack under pressure sooner or later.

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Susan Wright as a monster I feel fits the theory of “Fear of the Monster I Really a Kind of Desire.” She is this blue eyed gorgeous blonde that everyone saw as the girl next door. This beautiful women with the perfect homeland the perfect family, every woman wanted to be her and every man wanted her. Everything to the public eye seemed to draw them in with each smile. With this theory it shows that not only is the monster feared but it is also desired in secret. After the murder people said she used her looks to lure her husband in she seduced him. As soon as she had him in her grasp her smile began to fade and the shimmer of light left her eye with each stabe to his body. The public gave her the name the blue eyed butcher, seeing her blue eyes as mesmerizing and yet she butchered her husband like it was nothing.

The abuse, the fear for a child and the pressure of pantaing societys expectations all could be major factors on why Susan Wright finally snspped. With all the pain and sufforing she allagedly went through it made her murder her own husband. She murdered a man she once loved a man that protected her once promising till death do us part. In the end Susans mind made her think death do us part was the only way she could part with him. Her escape was murder, it was over kill, she repeatedlt stabbed her husband over 200 times. With each additional stabe insuring her faite that she would be hurt any more and her kids would be safe from it all. The 200th time is all it takes.

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