mug shot“If in the next five years I do not earn a million in money, I will kill myself, I swear” (Episode 1). Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, the famous drug lord from Medellin, Colombia was just an innocent young boy who got bullied by his older brother and cousin. In the Netflix series created by Juana Uribe and Camilo Cano, “Pablo Escobar, El Patrón Del Mal,” gives us an idea of Pablo’s experiences before becoming the drug dealer he was. One will see his intelligence grew more each day in a wrong way and learned to manipulate others, so he can become a wealthy man and grow out of the poor. As a kid, he deceived adults who caught him in his malicious acts. His mother, being his main supporter, gave him words of wisdom expanding his bad vices unintentionally. When he got caught attempting to cheat in an exam, she advised him if he was going to do something wrong, to do it cleverly and not get caught. Therefore, he enhanced his skills and used them to his advantage as a dealer. Pablo Escobar’s career started as an illegal cigarettes dealer. He then began to work as a bodyguard and business partner for various illegal smugglers before beginning his cartel independently. When he started to distribute cocaine, as well as creating smuggling routes into the United States, he would reward poor friends, family, and neighbors with money and parties. However, his ambition and experiences developed his unethical behavior; therefore, later became the world’s most monstrous drug dealer. Although some people thought of him as a hero, Escobar’s Colombian cartel created a corrupt government, caused mass murders and kidnapping, and the United States got involved for his capture.


To begin, Pablo Escobar’s cartel behavior corrupted the government with his tactics of terrorism. Anyone who interrupted his cartel interrupted his income; therefore, he began to threaten his or her existence on earth. Law enforcement, judges, journalist were his primary targets as they publicly tried to stop his cartel. Unfortunately, it was a mission to end a powerful man like Escobar as he was an intelligent man who developed Political connections. He used his networking to corrupt the government along with the citizens surrounded by him. When Pablo found some inconveniences with his cartel, he would bribe people with money or threatened them in killing them, to clear his path for him to continue distributing cocaine. His cartel was his obsession that he even attempted to be a part of Colombia’s Congress despite his reputation. Joshua Hammer, a media writer, mentions in his article, “KILLING PABLO: A Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw,” that Pablo Escobar “managed to get elected as an alternate delegate to Colombia’s national assembly” (par 6). The reason being was he needed the conservative rules to stay as they were, so his cartel may continue running smoothly. However, at that time, a journalist published a mug shot of Pablo to inform others who the real Pablo was. Many Colombians did not know of Pablo as a drug dealer; therefore, this problem announced affected his election. He then looked for revenge on any person who publicly announced him. He used his murders as a method to corrupt the government in a way if no one listens to him or if anyone tried to get in his way, they and their families would be the next on his deadly list. This can connect to Cohens Monster theory, thesis three, “The Monster is the Harbinger of Category Crisis” because Pablo Escobar does not follow the law as any sane person would. He refused to be ruled, and he could not have been stopped from his immoral actions, making him the most dangerous narcoterrorism. Therefore, blackmailing and threatening others to attain his power corrupted Colombia’s government causing the citizen to live in a dangerous country as they had not much protection.

Moreover, because Pablo Escobar’s greedy determination increased, mass murders and kidnappings in Colombia’s were produced changing the image of the Country. news presidents


As the final point, Pablo Escobar’s traumatic cartel led the United States President Reagan, Bush, and Clinton to partner with Colombia’s government for his capture.

pablos death

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