Alexandra Flores

“I don’t feel guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt.”- Ted Bundy

On a chilly evening at one A.M.  a young college woman walks out of her boyfriend’s apartment to return to her dorm which was nearly 6 houses down. In the distance, she notices an outwardly helpless man in a sling near her dorm and he asks for help with his briefcase. Of course, her first reaction is to help the innocent man, not realizing the consequences that would later transpire. While the young college woman goes to assist him, the charming man leads her to the car and thanks her. As she attempts to leave he knocks her out with a crow bar and kidnaps her to another location where the strange man ultimately strangles her. The young woman goes by the name Georgia Hawkins and the serial killer, Ted Bundy. This was just one of the innumerable situations which the monstrous Ted Bundy murdered a young innocent woman for no apparent reason, although he killed more than thirty young women. He had a successful career and was described by his community as a good citizen, but Bundy had a dark, evil side that manifested later in his life. Evil is not something that one inherits like a gene, rather it is developed as a result from both the environment and experiences. Most people are not born with evil tendencies they are nurtured to be evil. This is seen in all infamous monsters, mainly serial killers who tend to be abused as a child. Ted Bundy was born an innocent child on November 24,1946, but proved to be a malicious, monster. So, what led to him being the infamous horrendous serial killer and rapist?  Bundy’s unfortunate childhood, antisocial personality, and heartbreak all led to create the monstrous qualities that engrossed Ted Bundy’s subconscious resulting in his crimes.

Ted Bundy would lure young women with the use of his charm and handsomeness as well as by wearing a fake cast and those naïve enough would fall for his trap. Shortly after, he would draw them into his car, where Bundy would knock them out with a crow bar and then would sometimes rape the victims and bury their body. At times, he would even decapitate the heads of his victims and keep them. (Crime library). Eventually, he was caught and confessed to 30 murders, but people believe that he may have murdered up to 100 victims. Bundy was caught for the first time on August 16, however he managed to escape from the reach of the police more than once. He succeeded in escaping the first time, as Bundy was visiting the library in order to defend himself in court and according to the article “jumped out a window and made his first escape” (biography). Although, they were able to capture him eight days later, Bundy once again escaped from the authorities. He did this by climbing out of a “hole he made in the ceiling of his cell wall” and dropped more than “30 pounds to fit through the small opening” (biography). As the Monster Theory thesis two “The Monster Always Escapes” argues that “the monster turns immaterial and vanishes to reappear somewhere else” describing the monstrous Bundy as he was able to escape from the authorities twice. Consequently, Bundy was finally captured and given the death penalty on January 24,1989.

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Ted was a scholar, had “graduated from University of Washington with a degree in psychology in 1972, and had been accepted to law school in Utah” (biography).  Moreover, Bundy was appointed to the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee and ultimately succeeded in becoming the assistant to Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. As can be seen, Ted had a successful career and people may have even looked up to him in his town. Ted can be described by the monster theory three, “The Monster is the Harbinger of Category Crisis”, which argues that the monster was able to “escape because it refuses easy categorization” just as Ted Bundy could not be easily categorized as a monster with his successful career and family. In fact, many people from his hometown refused to believe that Ted was guilty because he was an outstanding citizen. Consequently, Ted was perceived as not guilty when he was convicted as a suspect and able to escape the police suspicions due to his high achievements. Ted had a successful career yet, he was able to perform such cruel crimes. What were his motives to perform such horrific crimes on innocent young woman? By looking at the background of Ted Bundy we can see how his early childhood had affected him later in life.

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Ted Bundy had somewhat of an ill-fated childhood being born as a result of an accidentally pregnancy by his mother, Eleanor. For this reason, Ted was raised as an “adopted” child of his grandparents and was told that his mother was his sister for a majority of his life. The strained household that Bundy was raised in, which consisted of a negative environment where his grandfather was a bigot who hated on other religious groups, was one of the main causes leading up to the creation of a monster (Montaldo). Furthermore, Bundy’s grandfather also physically abused his children and wife, affecting Ted’s development as the article argues that “harsh and chaotic early environments…increase the risk of adverse of psychological consequences” (slate). Hence, the unstable environment which Ted was raised in may be a contributing factor because this violence may have resulted in Ted being mentally unstable later in life. As Bundy grew up his mother married a man, Johnny Bundy, from whom his surname came from and both Ted and his mother moved in with him. Likewise, Ted Bundy had a difficult childhood due to the poor relationship with his stepfather and his mom then went on to have four other kids. Ted now lacked attention from his parents as they had to focus on the other kids and he was simply disregarded as being introverted. Consequently, this may also be a contributing factor as to why Ted turned into a vile murderer because he lacked the proper endearment as a child. In result of his loneliness, Ted had also developed a pornography addiction, he would wander “the streets looking for discarded pornography” and “spy on unsuspecting women” (crime museum). Ted Bundy had already established a theft record- that was later dismissed by the time he was 18(“Ted Bundy”). As depicted, Ted at a young age already had evil tendencies that most likely went uncorrected by his parents because they were too busy with his siblings. As the article argues that, “Ted’s extreme introversion and any developmental issues, went unnoticed” due to his parents’ inability to provide him with attentiveness (“Ted Bundy”) During his college years Ted Bundy was able have a successful college experience, but still committed the crime of murdering woman(Jenkins). Ted’s unhappy childhood may have been the necessary cause because if Ted had a loving family and father who gave him affection and care he most likely wouldn’t have committed such brutal crimes.

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Bundy’s natural reserved and shy personality is another cause leading to the creation of the monster he would soon become, as the article describes Ted as known to be “an introvert and very timid by behavior as a child” (“Who is Ted Bundy”). For this reason, he remained isolated often because Ted failed at social relationships, he stated that he, “had no knowledge regarding developing and nurturing friendship” (“the famous people”). Thus, he lacked any relevant social relationships and in turn became more anti-social. His loneliness and antisocial personality can be described as a contributing factor as to what caused Ted to turn into the murderous unsympathetic monster because murdering may have been a vile effort at gratification for attention. Ted Bundy displayed signs of the monster he would later become as a teenager because he would spy on women and was antisocial. The question remains, if Ted was not lonely or antisocial would he have committed the crime of killing innocent woman and doing horrid things to them? Of course, no one knows the correct answer, but it is evident that the likelihood of him murdering innocent women would decrease.

Another reason for Ted becoming one of the worst serial killers of the era was caused by his first heartbreak. When Ted attended college, he fell in love with a woman who later broke up with him and let him heartbroken and devastated. This may have been the last straw for Ted and been the point of which he decided to murder. Ted’s heartbreak may have been the precipitating cause-the breaking point- for Ted because if Ted didn’t have his heartbroken he most likely would not have committed those crimes. Although, the blame is still placed on Ted because in his mind the way to get over his ex-girlfriend or even seek revenge was to murder young women. Of course, Ted’s way of thinking was very flawed and he may have even been mentally unstable as his girlfriend was the only real relationship he had. Ted was described as even obsessing over his ex, so this break up may have cause Ted not only to be heartbroken, but to spiral. Ted may have been lonely and unable to get over his ex. Ted’s loneliness may have led him to kill women because that was his only way of receiving attention from women.  As well, Bundy killed young attractive women who looked similar to his ex-girlfriend. (“Ted Bundy”). The article describes many of his victims being “attractive students with long, dark hair” (“Ted Bundy”). In his mind, this may have been his attempt at revenge to his ex-girlfriend for breaking his heart.

In the final analysis, Ted’s experiences and childhood had nurtured Ted into a villainous monster. Ultimately Ted’s choices are to blame for his actions, but of course, there is motives or reasoning up to what led to the choices he decided to make. These occurrences created a monster with lack of sympathy. Ted was a sociopath mainly a result from his environment. So theoretically, if Ted had a loving attentive family, was not lonely, and did not get his heart broken would he have committed the crimes? We may never know but it is again likely that the percentage of him committing murders would have decreased.

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