Hey Everyone,

I have been getting a lot of emails about grades. In the syllabus, it says that essays are 60% of your grade.

150 points each essay times four essays equals 600 points possible for essays.

Add up your essays. Each essay is 15% of your grade. If you did not turn in an essay, you cannot make up those 15%.

The other 40% comes from assignments: homework, journals, annotated bibs, participation, etc.

You can get up to 5% extra credit.

40% plus 5% equals 45% or 450 points possible from assignments that count towards your grade.

I have already added in the participation points to grades. They are not on canvas because canvas is not your grade, it is just a way to track points. Most people got 450 points for assignments.

The Canvas grade is NOT your class Grade.

Your grade is 60% essays + 40% assignments + 5% extra credit.

The semester is over. It is too late to turn stuff in for points.

Have a good break.