I Learned how to be a successful student after failing out of college. The reason I failed out was because I did not know how to study the material for the classes I was taking. I thought reading the material passively would help memorize the information to pass the test the teachers gave out.  I remember when I was being told that I failed out, it was an embarrassing moment in my life. I was crying in my dorm room thinking how I was so stupid because I wasn’t succeeding in college like everyone around me. I saw no future for myself. On that day I should have realized that I was not going to get the grades I wanted in college if I did not get the grades in high school.  For instance, in high school if I work hard and strived for that A plus grade, the same method would have carried over when I went to college. But since I did not do that, I should not have expected to be successful. I failed at being a student and I did not know until now.

When I graduated high school, I was so happy that I got my diploma. Sadly, that diploma made me think I succeeded in high school, but really, I did not. In high school I didn’t understand school. I strived only for that C and D average grade and got A’s & B’s if I was lucky. I had no motivation for school because I didn’t see the point of school. My parents would tell me “school was important,” “you need to graduate” but it was like I was disconnected from school. I rode the wave when it came to school. I worked just hard enough to get by and by doing that I thought that was the best I could do. But at that time, I thought since I succeeded the way I did then, I can do the same thing I did in high school in college. I had that attitude of since “I graduated high school, I can graduate college using the same method.” I could never be more wrong. I did not succeed in in high school. I just did not fail out, but I’m sure I was close. My freshman year of college I did well because I avoided every hard class I could. But after a year I went downhill. My sophomore year was the year when I got on probation for my grades. The reason was because the material was too hard for me understand, which lead to C, D & Fs as my test scores. I thought I was a bad test taker, but I was a bad student. I was not doing what I needed to pass the classes. As a student you need to read actively, ask questions, challenge yourself to work hard, go to tutoring when offered, ask for help, stay on top of your grades. I never did that.  So, the following year they dropped me. The school gave me many opportunities to succeed but couldn’t help myself I did take them. After all that I didn’t really come home right away, I had a job, a place to stay and my friends were here so why leave. Honesty looking back, at the time when the school dropped me as a student walking back to the dorms, I knew I would have to contact my parents and let them know what had happened. I called them hours later trying to figure out what I was going to say to them and prepare myself for what they were going to say in their disappointed tone. I finally called them, and it was a quicker and easier conversation than I thought I would be. I guess a conversation on the phone is not as effective to get your point across than a face to face one. I knew the face to face conversation was in my future and I wanted to prevent having to have that serious and personal conversation with my parents knowing I was going to be lectured at and needing to plan out my next move.

I got back home a year later hoping when I got back it would not be as serious as I thought it was. My mom sat me down one day to talk about my future. She said I needed a plan, to know what I was going to do next and when. She was not about to let me do nothing but watch television all day and eat her free food rent free. I was not able to live at home and not have job or go to school. At that moment, scared to let down, knowing I wasted all her money for three years when she has three other kids in college. But there was no avoiding it. So, I let her know how unsure I was about myself and my future. She asked me why I failed out and I didn’t really know how to explain it, so I explained it the best way I could, and we finally figured out what I needed to do. She helped figure out my learning style. What I needed to do to succeed in the classroom.

It was funny because I was dreading that whole conversation and now that I look back it was the best thing for me. Now I’m excited about school and what it can offer me. It opened my eyes to see how school is important not by hearing that is was important. I know exactly what I need to do to when it comes to each class I take. Each class I take brings my more and more knowledge to help me succeed in the world.

The way I figured out how to succeed was by enrolling in an Adult School to take a class, just one to figure out how I learn. First, I figured out what best learning style helped me. I learn best being a visual and kinesthetic learner. A visual learner learns by using images, maps and graphic organizer to access and understand knowledge. Also, a kinesthetic learner learns by understanding information hands on. With that enlightenment I found out how I memorize info repetitively going through in the info. So, for me I love using flashcards online on the website Quizlet and making handwritten flashcards.   On my flashcards I put my vocabulary or any bolded word in your textbook with the definition. Also, I answer the questions after every chapter and make those flashcards. When I come to Quizlet when you put the vocabulary, they give you different games to play to help you remember. For example, they have match word to definition game, a game where your give the definition and you have to type out the word correctly for that helps to know spelling. I choose an adult school because if I failed it wouldn’t be on my permanent record. So, I worked hard, stayed on what was required of me. Turned in the assignments that needed to be turned in, stayed on top of my grades, while doing that I figured out my learning style which helped me succeed in the class. By doing all that I successfully got an A in the class. When the class ended, I felt happier than I ever felt when It came to school. I felt that happiness because I worked hard, stayed on top of my grades, asked question, actively read- annotating, and went to tutoring when provided.

I’m grateful for the fact a came back home, it gave me clarity and focus. It helped me figure out how I obtained information. After actively seeing my progress I felt as though it would be positive for me, to embrace learning. It would help me to have lasting conversations with other people, to gain the knowledge that comes with learning and understanding different things around me.