We will be going to the Library today.

Free Writing

Five minutes of free writing on whatever topic you are thinking about writing about. What do you know? What do you need to research? How are you going to organize it?

Report Purpose

The purpose of the next assignment is to present information. Basically, present the research you do on a topic of your choice. The topic and type of report is completely up to you.

Reports can be as different as a news report and an infographic.

What we need to do now is decide on the your purpose, topic, and genre.

Then we can identify the subgenre of report. Is it an expository essay, psychology term paper, lab report, journal article, or like Grossman, is it a newspaper feature article?

Each type of report will have different conventions. You will develop the research question, thesis statement, audience, structure, format, style and design, and include images or infographics. We will work together to help develop these conventions.

You must use five sources, three academic. You can also use websites, interviews, documentaries, something else?

Report Format

The report can be in any style of format that you think best suits it. Here is a list of choices:

  • Essay Report 1,000 words
  • PowerPoint slide 10+ slides
  • News Report 1-2 min Video
  • Wikipedia style page 1,000+ words
  • Featured Article in Newspaper 1,000+ words

Grossman Report

From Scroll to Screen by Lev Grossman was first published in the New York Times.

What is Grossman’s report about? What is his purpose?