Vontre Wimberly

Professor Ramos

English 1A

14 February 2019

(Prewrite)Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

In Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” she talks about the continuous debate about work-life balance. She says the truth that women would be in more leadership positions if their were more women in the workforce. Ms Slaughter explains one of the main obstacle to have a work-life balance and that’s time.
               To be at work all day-night and weekends to prove what’s commonly expected of them. She feels  to honestly and profitably discuss solutions to the problems long-faced by skilled ladies, these half-truths must be looked upon . If we can revise our assumptions, we will start to change our perceptions and responses. In line with Ms. Slaughter, if ladies want to have real equality as leaders, “we should stop acceptive male behavior and male selections because the default and also the ideal.”