How times have changed since I was a little girl. Growing up social media was not was a big issue in our everyday lives. In fact, being social was going over friends house, playing and interacting with each other. Nowadays you do not see kids playing outside like before, riding bikes, running around etc etc. I believe that social media has hurt our society today, It has taken a toll in everyone’s life. There is less communication with each other, social peer pressure/ cyber bullying and so much distraction/ procrastination.

There is so much disconnection with everyone now, people do not interact with each other like before. Most people do not even like talking over the phone, I have heard someone even say once, ”don’t call if it’s not  important, text it to me instead.” That just goes to show how our society today is really disconnected with one another that they can not even talk over the phone. The face to face communication is completely off, people can talk over social media but when it comes to being in person with each other, the conversation can be so awkward. You tend to feel way more lonely and isolated because of social media. I have witnessed walking into a place where everyone is on their phones at a restaurant instead of holding a conversation down. It is the saddest thing ever. Or even when something is happening like let’s say a fight, instead of stopping it, they pull out their phones just to post it.

According to Joe Rogan and Elon Musk in a video called “Social Media is Destroying Us” Joe Rogan says that “people rather live through their instagrams than in the real world.” In this Video they talk about how some people look way happier than they really are, which makes other people depressed and think why am I not that happy?, not knowing that those people are usually the ones going through depression. Everyone loves to compare each other nowadays when it comes to other peoples posts, like why don’t I look like that? I have even compared myself to other people’s success,beat myself up for it because I lose patience and want everything NOW. Joe Rogan stated a quote that goes like “The Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt, which is true and something to keep in mind. I believe that comparing yourself to other people is a waste of time because you are not them and they are not you. You have to go through your own struggles to become successful.

That is not the only thing people compare themselves to, they also compare themselves to “instagram models”, girls that get surgeries to look the way they look, to get the body they want, show it off to the internet in which depresses many young girls today and make them do the same. This is called “Social peer pressure”. I have a friend who had insecurities about her lips and went to get them injected just so that she can feel better about herself. Which I am happy that she is happy now, but it is just sad to me how people tell her “you look so much better with your lip fillers.”  There are many very young girls that do not at all look like their age, 15 year old girls be looking like they are 21-24 years old. That is such a scary thing to me as a mother, I never want my daughter to feel so insecure that she wants to start wearing makeup and dressing up a certain way just because everyone from school does and posts what they wear just to get “likes”.

There is a story about a 16 year old girl named Ashley who was instagram famous (@misslovelacee), she was so beautiful but mean girls would tell her otherwise, after all the hate comments, she couldn’t take it anymore and took her life. People on social media can be so brutal that they can cause long lasting pain to others. Another girl Named Rebecca Sedwick who was 12 years old when she commited suicide, she would get nasty messages telling her to kill herself, after changing her number these group of girls found a way to reach her and torment her until she finally took her own life. There are so many cyber bullying stories, we think that cyber bullying starts in middle school but it can even start as young as six years old because six year old kids are getting phones at that age, having a way to send and receive messages.

Social Media is also a big distraction to everyone mainly students. Statistics show that students have to either watch a movie or even go on social media and easily get distracted because they do not want to work on there homework assignments. “I sit down to watch a 45 minute show but then end up watching 2 or more episodes because I dread the thought of homework” Lilly Berrios (18) . I will not lie, it is a big distraction when it comes to doing homework, when I am frustrated I like to take “breaks” and go on my social media to see what everyone is up to and if anybody has sent me a message. I later on tend to be on it for more than 10 minutes, letting time fly and not getting my work done. I knew that I was not the only one that does this, I asked my friend Lorraine and she said “I always grab my phone without noticing and go on instagram when I am doing my homework, get tired and just say I’ll do it later.” Lorraine Sargdena (24)

There are many ways for one to not let social media take over your life on the daily. I know that mostly everyone when they wake up checking their social media is the first thing you do, and I have heard that if that is the first thing you do when you wake up then you have a serious problem. I have friend who doesn’t believe in social media, she is completely off the grid, never has had any type of social media since after high school. She does not believe in it. She says “Social media ruins your chances of being happy and seeing the real world.” Jackie Sanchez (24) I asked her if she was happy and she said “Yes I am extremely happy, I have no distractions or insecurities in my life.” Jackie Sanchez (24) She has inspired me to delete some of my apps for now, until I finish this semester, because social media has been a big issue in my everyday life without me even noticing. I encourage everyone to do so too if they think that they have a problem with it and bring more awareness to social media hurting our society.

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