Our education in the United States is free to an extent. Schooling is only free if the student is attending K-12. Once the student completes the requirements of free schooling they will receive a diploma. After receiving this diploma everything free is non-exciting. This means the students are now obligated to pay for their college degree. Students will start applying for scholarships, loans, grants and even financial aid. The price of college tuition has dramatically increased and still on the rise. This is a problem for all students/non students who are deciding to go to college, our future generation and the family supporting the college student. Our former President Barack Obama stated in a video announces-free-community-college-plan in 2015, “Education is the Key to Success…Better jobs, Better wages.” this is true. We have lost our way, we need to re align our position in education. As a forward moving country we should already have free tuition in place. We as a nation need pave the path of free tuition to achieve these goal we would need to do the following cut wasteful government spending and/or increase taxes, help economic growth, which would lead to students have more freedom of choice and new levels of innovations.

High college tuition is the leading discouragement in our young generation this is a major issue. “79 percent believed that college wasn’t affordable”(Kelly) stated in Should community college be free? Article. More than half of people do not believe college is affordable, which it is not. We all know the cost of attending college and the importance of having a college degree. Why should a young mind need to make a decision sole based on their family or their own income? Problems that is cause by this, is we have smart, passionate, and intuitive young minds that are not being used to their full potential because they do not have the right type of funding. This is only one pieces of the problem.

Since college is expensive this cause a lot of people to pull out loans. We all know financial aid does not pay the full amount of college tuition, which it should. We are stuck paying the differences which leads to a longer time at college because we need to get a job, just pay the reminding balance or pull out a loan. Or our parents would pay for the reminding balance, which can cause a financial strain on the family.

  Pulling out loans is a big issues for college students. In the booked called American Higher Education in Crisis? :What Everyone Needs to Know by Blumenstyk,“Across all age groups combined, about 40 million Americans have student-loan debt, at a total value of more than $1.2 tril – lion—triple the level of 2004.” (62) What more can I say. As a nation we are stuck in the trillions! All because we want grow our minds and our bright our future.  These are only a few of the issues we have towards high college tuition in America.

We as a nation need to find a solution to our high tuition problem. The first steps into the future of free college tuition is to trim the fat in our government spending we would need to decrease the military budget. At the moment our military budget is at a whopping $1.3 trillion stated in the Defense Budge. This bill was signed by our President Trump. This is one trillion more than American college debt. In reality do we really need to spend most of the tax payers’ money on military? I disagree, this type of money needs to help support our future leaders, activists, doctors, and scientist by funding free college tuition. With having this amount of money this can help students with their school payments. We need to spend the money on the students instead of the military. This is just one of the ways where we can pull to support free tuition.

Another source of income our government is able to pay for free schooling is by diverting most of the public money currently spent on student finical aid toward free tuition. If we put together all the money the government is already spending in one big pile can be another contributor for free college tuition. The positive of this is that we are already spending this money on college aid. We would not need to increase more taxes on the tax payers. There are times where students do not use this aid because they might not be knowledgeable of applying or your family together makes too much money. In reality, your parents do not even help you with paying for college, so why do we need their income as well for the application for financial aid. Being able to bring this portion of income can help our country move towards a free tuition for everyone who is willing to take the chance of finding their true passion.

The next step we will need to take under consideration is increasing the tax rates for America’s wealthiest millionaires and billionaires. Being able to implicate both these tax increases will tremendously help the idea of free college tuition to be reality. If we take our students education as serious as our military, put together finical aid and implicate new taxes, we would have better education and free education. With decreasing government sending this could possible increase our economy. Countries are able to achieve this, we should be able to accomplish the same thing

            Overall, college tuition should be free in the United States. We are known as the country where your dreams come true. Everyone around the world wants to come to American to live the American dream but are the American’s who were born here really living the dream with loan debt as much as a luxury car, or living in an apartment with roommates because they cannot afford a home and is drowning in debt. We need college tuition to be free to make this possible, we as a nation need to cut wasteful government spending and/or increase taxes, if you feel strongly that college should be free, you may want to get involved with political action and vote. Let your voice be heard.

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