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Professor Ramos


8 February 2019


          Climate change has a huge impact on Earth. Sadly, these impacts aren’t positive. These impacts are slowly damaging and destroying life on Earth and Earth overall. Most people don’t pay much attention to how this issue can kill the Earth in the future. Society is very narrow minded crowd that does not focus on the way climate change is changing our Earth. Climate change has been happening for so many years and every year it increases but everyone somehow pushes it aside. Earth is a delicate flower pedal that everyone has to put effort to watch over. Taking care of Earth, putting action and making sure to be aware of what climate change is will help Earth. Climate change is something that should be given more attention. Once given the attention needed many beautiful outcomes will occur, from everyone’s dedication and commitment.  If no one notices the way climate change affects the Earth with air pollution, polluted ocean, animals and all the many downfalls, then not only will Earth be hurting, but so will we.

          Climate scientist acknowledge the evidence that the cause of climate change is the “greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the sun’s heat in our planet’s atmosphere, it is caused by gases in the air that trap energy from the sun. A countless amount of these gases are caused by humans. Without the greenhouse effect the earth would be too cold for human life. Certain gases that are in the atmosphere shield heat from evading. Gases that are permanently stuck in the earth’s atmosphere do not conflict back physically or synthetically to change in temperature, those gases

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are described as “forcing” climate change. The gases that are carried in the atmosphere are, water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Water Vapor is the most substantial greenhouse gas. Water vapor ascents the same exact time the atmosphere warms up, but when they do clouds develop more, an increase in rain and snow. Carbon dioxide is the modest but also very important because it is released through natural processes like inhalation, land use changes, human actions, and fossil fuels. Humans have expanded carbon dioxide concentration by a third since the industrial revolution began. Methane, this hydrocarbon gas is made up of natural cause and human activities, along with decay of waste in landfills. Methane is the farmost active greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide but is less efficient n the atmosphere. Nitrous oxide is the powerful greenhouse gas produced by soil gardening practices, the purpose of organic fertilizers, fossil fuel combustion, and biomass burning.

           There are tons of people dispensing gases into our planet’s atmosphere they don’t even know about. Human actions are changing the natural greenhouse. Over the decade, burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil has expanded carbon dioxide, this develops because the oils and fuels fuses carbon with oxygen in the air to make CO2, which is carbon dioxide. The clearing of land for cultivation, managements and other human activities has increased and will advance  to increase the greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the earth will progress to get warmer in some areas and colder in other areas of the world. In other words, the heat will lead to more thawing and condensation, but other parts of the world will get wetter or dryer. Plants and crops may perform

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to the climate change differently, the plants will grow more actively and will have to use more water constantly. Concurrently, greater temperatures means more water for plants, but it can also change where plants grow the best because of the climate patterns.

          Climate change has already been in adequate development and has obvious effects in our environment. Glaciers have shrunk, rivers and lakes are breaking apart, plant and animal fields have drifted, trees are flowering earlier, sea levels are rising, and more intense heat waves. The effects that scientist have predicted in the past are now happening to our environment. “Taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time”-(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).  Scientist have calculated that global temperatures will continue to rise for ages to come, mostly because of the greenhouse gases caused by human activities. Scientist from all around the world and from the U.S. considered that temperatures will rise 2.5 to 10 degrees over the next decade.

          In 2015, International Energy Agency Report, research have shown that the world has overall made a little progress in in reduction of fossil fuels. In forty years there has only been a four percent in alternate energy use. A few scientist anticipate that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla motors would put these statistics on fire because in the same year, 2015, Tesla announced that it wasn’t only an electric vehicle but it is also a battery technology team that can change this world pure energy. On April 30th, 2015, Elon Musk exposed that the tesla battery better known as the Tesla powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion that can be used to power a whole household with 6.4 kWh power. The powerwall stocks energy from solar based panels, it is a dynamic

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alternative use of fossil fuel sources, such as natural gas. Similar to the Tesla battery, the “powerpack” is being used on industrial sites for an even bigger energy saver called the gigafactory.  The developers for Tesla Motors have defensively paved a way for cleaner energy alternatives that will basically end the harmful fossil fuels, global warming, and protect natural environments. It is driving the world toward environmentally savvy energy sources. Leonardo Dicaprio documented Elon Musk on his “gigafactories” and explain to Leo that if Tesla Motors builds a hundred of gigafactories it can solve the global climate change and save so much more energy, but it will take Tesla endless amount of time and money. Elon Musk said that building a hundred gigafactories is not a plan for anytime soon.

          Climate change is a big deal in our environment, a lot of people disagree with the climate changing but that is because they’re too busy polluting our earth, they don’t notice that the air is getting thicker, our water is rising, and that the air is getting warmer. These things are important because it is hurting our earth, its atmosphere and our home. This is our home we want to keep it a safe place for longer period of time. We have so many solutions that can solve the problems that the world contains but humans do not care. We have solar panels to consume energy from the sun, we have large waste bags for the sea, trash and recycle bins all around the cities we visit. It is not hard to keep our earth clean all you have to do is contribute to it and have dedication.


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