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23 April 2019

                                                                 GET A JOB.

          When we were young, we wanted to be everything. We wanted to be astronauts, rockstars, movie stars, and even scientist. Those expectations were so high we even dreamt about it. We always have something constantly going through our minds, a beat, a song, a car or even a car engine. But as we get older that thought in our minds can fade away and disperse. The adult life can really change your expectations of what you want to become. The expectations we had when we were younger fell apart. There are rules to go by, there are no shortcuts, before you know it every choice you make comes with a consequence. There is a difference between needs and wants, want is a desire for something, a need is goods that are required. We have to work for something that we want, but it wont come easy. Hard work always pays off at the end.  Sometimes that motivation dies and we can barely hear that beat, but that beat will come back even louder and we can really feel it throughout our bodies. We always have something that keeps us going.

          Mercedes-Benz is a German based car. In the year 1844, Karl Benz, the founder of Mercedes-Benz was born. In 1886, Mercedes made their first car, and it wasn’t just the first car Mercedes made but it was also the start of a new future with the first car ever made, it was a three wheeled car. In 1893, Mercedes launches its first four wheel car, the M-class. Mercedes gleams a legacy of modernization that progress to this day. The Mercedes logo isn’t just a star it

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shows quality, innovation, and tradition. The star has three points, each of the points of the star means land, sea, and air, it represents the automakers drive toward global motorization, meaning that the engine can complete anything from land, sea, and air. The symbol for Mercedes means the plan for world domination. It doesn’t just symbolize world domination but it symbolizes prestige, class and success.
          Mercedes defines the future, luxury and success. Design is problem solving for Mercedes. The music industry has a a lot of artist that inspire a lot of people. Their fan bases are worldwide. Whatever a famous person does from dressing, to rapping or singing, how they talk and walk, and just what they do every fan wants to do the same. Artists give their fans a voice to be heard. A music artist can really change a person’s life through their music. The rap game is the most inspirational genre there is, Asap rocky is one of those rap artist who inspire people.
          Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky, a homegrown rap artist from Harlem, New York. He  started rapping at the age of nine. He use to rap with his older brother Ricky, who had inspired Rakim for his iconic french braids later on in his career. But later on in Rocky’s life, his brother Ricky was murdered due to drug related activities. It took a big toll on Rakim, but it made him pursue a serious career in rap and made him work even harder. A$AP Rocky has released four studio albums in a span of five years. During those five years he created his own record label

“A$AP WORLDWIDE”. ASAP Rocky is a man of many talents, he doesn’t just rap, he produces and writes his own music, he appears in movies, and he collaborates with a large number of famous brands such as Guess, Raf Simons, Calvin Klein, and the first African American model for Dior. His older brother fire started his career. A lot of artist respect him. He made a name for himself in fashion, film, and music. ASAP is an icon. There is a reason why Mercedes chose

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A$AP Rocky, not just for his rap career but is other iconic abilities. “TESTING” from his recent album, was all about him testing new sounds, new experiments, and experiences. He is a rap pioneer. “Gunz N Butter” a video he made for the album, caught him driving a Mercedes- Benz and there is a crash dummy along with him. That crash dummy represents him and his music from that album. He feels like he is a crash dummy as well as other veteran artists because he test new products and new sounds for new upcoming artists. He takes so much risk for his music just for others to be inspired so they can inspire others and his legacy will forever go on. The crash test dummies in his videos have a lot of meaning for his collaboration with Mercedes and even other young artist.

          He collaborated with a iconic luxurious brand named Mercedes- Benz. This collaboration is different because why would a German based car want to come together with a rap/hip hop star from Harlem? A$AP Rocky wants to carry the tradition of class in Mercedes-Benz. It is unexpected because it’s two distinctive totally different things but smart because both can share their own perspective of new present-day luxury. Now a days it is all about designing experiences in cars. Having a music career it is all about being different, how your music is and what words you say in the song, and even fashion. Rocky once said in a interview with Mercedes that “In the hood, having a Mercedes shows you’ve made it”. Mercedes and Rocky both have responsibility for design and creativity, they’re both on top of their arts. Mercedes creator said in an interview “Luxury is the most rare but more desired at its time, of course the brand changes over time and as we design as we create the future”. Luxury will change and it also affects the hip-hop/rap culture, teens, and streetwear. Mercedes-Benz and the rap culture is a lifestyle. Mercedes and Rocky are making history as we speak, they’re elevating the brand and its history.

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This is a superior brand that hasn’t been touched by anyone especially hip hop. Mercedes is all about design, luxury,and its technology,  now a days luxury is rare, but it is most desired at its time. composition changes over the years but with every creation they create they get even further into the future. Elegance beats strategy, beauty always comes first, it’s important because that is what makes the car pure. For A$AP, it’s not just about making clothes it’s about the etiquette design and the littlest of  details.

           This commercial is motivation at its climax. This commercial is quality of success. It drives people to want a Mercedes, it gives people that beat in their mind and their hearts to get the things they want the most by working hard. This commercial is powerful from every perspective, from every word, and sound. It’s about taking risk and never stopping. Sometimes were going to hit a couple speed bumps in life but it takes hardwork and dedication to get over. So, get a job.


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