Allison Lopez

Professor Ramos

English 1B

22 April 2019

    A commercial for Gatorade came out in 2015 where a woman named Abby Wambach a retired soccer player was sitting in what appeared to be a women’s locker. As she sat down looking rather serious, she looked back into her past by pulling up the newspaper clips of the various achievements she achieved and the records she broke. In the midst of those great winnings she pulls out a letter that was sent from a kid saying that she was the best. She then proceeds to get up out of her chair and reach for her name tag above her locker and pulls it out. The screen changes and shows unknown athletes hoping to become well known, training on stairs in the middle of what looks like a football stadium. As the images are being displayed for the audience, she is saying to forget her, forget name, forget the records that she broke, simply forget her. She defends herself by then saying that she wants the legacy to continue onto the next generation, she wants the next generation to do better than she ever did. She ends with her statement with declaring that the moment the world forgets who she is, will be the day that the world succeeds. The commercial then ends with Abby Wambach leaving what was once her locker and throwing her name tag away, for now she is forgotten.

Abby Wambach stated that the moment the world forgets her and her accomplishments that accompanies her reputation is the moment the world will have succeeded. In other words, she believes that when the world comes to the point where they forget about her, she thinks that the world will be focused on someone new and ideally greater than she ever was. The wording for this Gatorade commercial is slightly incorrect. Take a look at what Business Insider said, “It’s a moving commercial, if also an inaccurate one: Wambach is already immortalized in American soccer history, and however much the sport grows in the decades to come will have her to thank as much as anyone.” They themselves stated that word usage of the commercial, not criticizing her but attempting to acknowledge even more for who she is and what she has done. Instead of having the magnificent athlete discuss about forgetting her, rather remember and become greater.  In order to notice improvement in anything or anywhere one needs to recall where they or it began. Thus, enforcing one to remember and not to simply forget. Therefore, instead of forgetting because of the amount of new success, allow for the world to remember and grow in turn becoming more successful.

    This commercial although somewhat flawed still has an inspiring message to be found. Abby Wambach desires greatness for the world in terms of athletics, she is appealing to the world of athleticism. Of course, it is not a hundred percent directed towards athletes but it is mainly directed toward them given that it is an athlete in the commercial and it is about Gatorade which is a drink typically for athletes. Abby Wambach is telling the next athletes of the world to make something of themselves, to become so great that they forget about her. By appearing in the commercial she is representing the drink and what it stands for. In other words, she is indirectly implying that by drinking Gatorade, one can and will attain the accomplishment of being so great that the famous soccer player Abby Wambach will be left in the dust. She is appealing to the character of the viewer.

    Emotion is a tricky thing and can be very compelling to many people. This is what these commercial does, it appeals to the emotion of the viewer to want to be great and better than anything the world ever knew. Almost every person wants to be something in this world, to make something out of themselves thus why we go to school or why we try so hard. Thus because of this innate desire this commercial strongly enforces those desires to become reality. But there is a catch they grab the viewer by their desire to become great and slyly incorporate the idea that without the Gatorade you will not achieve the kind of success Abby Wambach discussed. The viewer desires to become better and believes that drinking Gatorade will help their body to achieve their ultimate results.

    Gatorade knows what they are doing, they know how to lure their customers in. Almost no one will outright be sold on buying Gatorade if instead of Abby Wambach being pictured it is someone who is not as well known. Instead of Abby Wambach, it is a person from a small town that plays sports every now and then when they have free time. There is reason as to why Abby Wambach was in the commercial, because she is well known and there is an abundant amount of evidence for her success. So that in case the audience did not know who she was, that would not entirely matter given the evidence that was conveyed in the commercial implying that she was a great athlete. However, she was a very successful person hence what Adweek said about her, “Her résumé includes the world record for international goals scored by any man or woman, with 184 over the course of her career.” She was able to break a world record, that takes a lot to do so. Gatorade was strategic in how they chose to convey their product, they used reason and evidence. To begin with they used reason, they tied together the points that should one desire to be a great athlete that is well known drinking Gatorade is the key to that kind of success. Thus, using the evidence that was presented, once again Gatorade hooked them on the idea that drinking Gatorade equates to becoming a great athlete then they showed the evidence for it. During the commercial the audience can clearly see all the accomplishments the athlete has accomplished conveyed by the newspaper’s articles about her and her photos.

    Overall, despite the word usage of the athlete Abby Wambach does portray a very convincing character in her on camera appearance. As discussed before, her intent was well, her ultimate desire is for the world to achieve better than she ever could and a sign of doing so meant that she needed to be forgotten. However, in order to notice progress almost everyone requires a starting point that cannot be forgotten to measure the amount of improvement if any. It is worth noting that adding those words, “forget me” in the commercial added a sense of seriousness and some intrigue which in turn lured the viewers in to listen more. By saying such strong words is again the intent of Gatorade, with that they tied in the concept that Gatorade is needed to forget Abby Wambach because then by that point you will be greater than her. It is one large trap of emotion and desires for the audience, if one wants desires to be so great that the great soccer player is left in the dark then they need to buy Gatorade. All in all, the commercial was well done by portraying such strong words from a great athlete and preying on the desires of the viewers to be greater than a great athlete was who devoted their life to the sport.

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