Societies around the world, since the dawn of times, have consistently shown to have a history of misogyny. For many arguable reasons, males deemed it appropriate to place females below themselves and society just ran with it. Females did not receive the right to vote until 1920 with the 19th Amendment ( Editors). The original statement in the Declaration of Independence stated that “all men are created equal” and for centuries, the “men” part was the part emphasized (Declaration of Independence: A Transcription). Although much time has passed, and many views have been changed, women still face this inequality and injustice in their daily lives. Although in many cases it may not be flat out sexism such as rape or murdering newborns for not being sons, it still prevalently exists. What this video serves to do is bring light upon the situations women are constantly being placed in, in something as simple as Hollywood. Of course many of the people in power are men, and the people performing the cruel acts are men as well, so what ends up occurring is the men in power do not see the problem because they either refuse to accept it, or do not experience it themselves so they find it exaggerated. In order to help with this, the video switches the roles, and in this “parallel universe”, men are the ones mistreated in Hollywood by females, and it provides a gateway for men to understand what it is they consciously/subconsciously do to women.

A main reason change never occurs as often as it should is due to the culprits not accepting their crime or not believing it is a crime. For decades, Hollywood has remained the premier location for any form of entertainment, and has provided opportunities to people all over. Because of its size and influence, it has also become stained with scandal and blasphemous behavior. The most depressing aspect, is that many people acknowledge these situations occur, but do nothing about it. Fortunately, these issues have been brought up more and more as times goes on and society becomes more progressive. Articles, shows, movies, books, videos, you name it, these are some of the mediums with which the problem in Hollywood, and overall, sexism, is brought to light. The backlash of many men has caused these mediums to not do as well as they should because they simply refuse to watch/read them. What this video succeeds at is bringing humor and comedy. Generally, nobody enjoys watching a video about serious issues because it just forces a depressive mood upon them. Comedy is a characteristic that many enjoy indulging in, and by including it in this video, it compels more viewers to watch it. In essence, it is like tricking young children into eating vegetables. Kids like sugar and salt, so if a parent pours something like teriyaki sauce, or seasoning salt on broccoli, the children eat it and enjoy it. They do not necessarily realize they are eating broccoli, but rather are focusing on the taste of the sugar or salt, but the focal purpose (eating vegetables) is still achieved. People do not necessarily realize how they are watching a video on a very serious issue because they are too amused by the comedy aspect, but the message still manages to get across.

The logic of the situations presented in the video contain no logic, and that is the intent. Within the first ten seconds of the video, the second female acknowledges that the PA she hired has not proven he is proficient at his job, but replies that she hired him because he is cute and deserved a shot. If someone is planning on making a movie or whatever requires them to have a PA, logic would say to get the best person for the job. Attractiveness has no correlation to skill, so her hiring him made no logical sense. This is clearly used to show what men to do women in society today. Women are overlooked daily simply because they may not be as attractive as another woman. This leads to attractive women with no skill to be hired over another highly skilled woman because the man in power is not attracted towards her. The situation is completely illogical, and more importantly, utterly unfair to women, to base their entire careers off of their looks. This video is illogical situation after illogical situation, thus implying that there is no logical reason for what these men do.

By switching the roles of men and women in each situation, it provides a scenario for men to feel empathy. Harvey Weinstein, a famous film producer, and one of the most powerful figures in the entertainment industry, has recently been charged with sexual misconduct among other things (Cooney). Women who wanted acting careers would be forced to have sex with him if they wanted a movie role, and if not, the role would be given to someone else who would. Similar to the situation in the video with the PA, this leads to the most capable person for the job being passed up simply because they do not want to sleep with someone they simply do not want to with. These women’s careers depend on movie roles at times, and this unjust practice places them at unfair odds. I was once hypothetically placed in that situation as I was asked if I would sleep with a woman who I was not attracted to and did not want to have sexual relations with, in order to get a movie role. Of course to me this situation seemed quite unfair and illogical because to me it seemed as if a movie role should be based on other aspects such as acting history or skill rather than my willingness to sleep with someone. By placing myself in that hypothetical situation, I can vaguely see what it is that women go through, and that is what this video intends to do with each scene. As I stated before, change does not occur because the people in power do not see it as an issue. Empathy is a strong force, and can motivate people to make change because we all have emotions. Since these unjust situations very rarely occur to men, they are less likely to exhibit this empathy, because it doesn’t happen to “them”. By placing men in these situations in the video, it causes men viewers to feel empathy towards them because they see how wrong it is and feel obligated to say/do something about it. Although these scenes in the video are fake, the problem is still real. Men might not experience those same exact scenarios, but in the world we live in today, not some parallel universe, women actually do. By definition, how could this not be seen as utterly wrong? Switching it from females to males does not reduce the seriousness of the problem at hand, but rather provides an opportunity for men to be put in those predicaments.

Film producer Harvey Weinstein leaves court in the Manhattan in June [File: Brendan McDermid/Reuters]

Although I am a male in this male dominated society, I recognize the issues at hand. I am surrounded by women, whether it be my mother, sisters, or friends. What is hard for people to do is feel empathy for “the others” because it is not them. Men oftentimes see women and see them as “the others” and not “us”. This is no different then when seeing race or religion. What many fail to realize is that we are all “us”. The laws we create and the way we characterize ourselves are as humans. From one human to another, we all deserve certain freedoms and rights, and just because a woman has certain biological differences means that she does not deserve said freedoms and rights? The problem is incredibly larger than simply Hollywood situations, but within the video it provides a relatively small example of what goes on in our world, and for some of us, inside our own homes. The most credible source to speak on humans is none other than a human itself. Being a male, I cannot truthfully say I feel what it is that women go through, but I can say that I have an understanding of it, because there are people in my life that are women, and that provides plenty of empathy from me.


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